1. One King West | My New Home

Yesterday my family & I went downtown to look at suites at the 1 King West, aka my dream building in Toronto. It's a "condo-hotel" - a hotel with some units available to purchase for permanent residents. We fell in love with the first one we saw, put in an offer, they accepted it today, and I'm moving there (alone!) in August. My dream came true.
I've never been so happy and excited in my life.
So now I am finally able to move to downtown, away from the suburbs. I'm going to live there permanently from now on!! Until I finish university at least, because then maybe I can move to Paris? hahaha. If someone told me a week ago I'd be moving here I would've never believed it. I always believe it's important to dream big because anything can happen.

Here's the front entrance from King Street. The stairs lead up to a ballroom.

The building used to be the former headquarters of TD Bank, and now it's half hotel half condo. The old safety deposit vault is now a party room.

Here's some pics I took yesterday of the different views in the room I have! We got a south view with one bay window in the middle and also two corner windows on the left and right so the view is simply amazing.


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