7. Spotted: Roger Federer in Louis Vuitton

Yesterday I went to Yorkville by myself to wander around for a few hours & do a bit of "pre-shopping" --- when I go to all the stores & find stuff I like, so that when I go with my mom on the weekend to actually buy them we don't waste time lol. I went in Chanel first, then that new Hermes store (I think they moved from across the street?? Or am I just imagining things)..then Louis Vuitton which was practically empty except for one couple: Roger Federer & his girlfriend! or wife? I'm not a huge tennis fan but it was cool to see him. He was buying some ugly monogramouflage things.


  1. what'd you get at chanel? :]

  2. I wish I could say some costume jewellery but no..

    I just got some skincare stuff lol

  3. Wow! I had no clue you had a blog. You post some pretty awesome cool stuff. Keep it up :)

    -Elisabeth H.
    (see you at Ryerson in the fall!)

    ps; check out my blog when you get a chance! http://miss-meow.vox.com

  4. thanks!

    & ok I'll check yours out now =D

  5. LOL "are you on facebook?"
    maybe they liked you ;D

    or the guy on the scooter asked them to ask you. haha~

  6. yes maybe..we know how he loves awkward questions :O

    "are you reading Death in Venice?"


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