6. Interior Decor Ideas

I wonder if my parents will let me paint my new place like this..hmm most likely not - but maybe when I get my loft with 20 foot ceilings I can paint it floor to ceiling!
That picture is from Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris, which is a boutique hotel with rooms designed by Christian Lacroix. As we all know, I love travelling and making lists, so I have a list of hotels I want to stay in at some point in my life. The Hotel du Petit Moulin & Hotel Costes are the top two. I LOVE design boutique hotels. I have actually thought about creating my own boutique hotel & designing/painting each room in its own style..though I'm not sure how successful that would be. Maybe someday when I'm rich I can do it as a hobby.

For now I have to stick with traditional hotel decor. That's how my room will be like (standard 1 King West furniture), except it's larger with more windows (yay!) but I'll try to replace the furniture with more modern stuff if I can..such as:

or a Hastens bed?
I've spent some time looking at various furniture websites today but haven't fully realized that I'm going to be moving in like..3 weeks until my mom mentioned earlier how we should visit furniture stores next week and also that I should be cleaning my room now to see which things I'll need to bring to the new place or throw out. Wow I'm gonna miss my room/my house a lot. Well at least I can come back often. Right now I'm really glad I didn't decide to go to another university (like UBC) and also really really happy that I got waitlisted for rez hahahh.

I'm also going shopping for school clothes this weekend! -- something I haven't done in 4 years thanks to my uniformed high school. AH I also have to go downtown one of these days to sign up for that fashion quick-start program at Ryerson. We either have to sign up in person or do it by snail mail - how old-fashioned.

Well it's almost 12 now..
Gute Nacht. ♥


  1. I am so jealous of the fact that you'll get to do all this decorating! I've been dreaming about getting my own place and decorating it all by myself. & getting a wall painted like the first picture looks fabulous.;)

    Have fun!<3

  2. I have did interior design for my whole house in NY too:) I love interior design..seem like you have very good taste:)



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