5. Random Thoughts

I feel like I've wasted this entire summer. This summer sucks. Well actually I'm looking forward to August..when I move!! Next week we'll be going to 'visit' the place for the first time since the day we bought it. Then we'll be going a second time a few days before the 12th (when we officially own it) So next week, the day after we visit it I will be getting my wisdom teeth out. OIADHKAJDASODLASJKDASDOASKJD. Well it's like one good thing then bad thing. I think when I move I should be fully recovered so I can look forward to that.

This is what I did every night last week. Being the only one still awake in my house I'd go downstairs to raid the fridge & eat watermelon with a spoon (I'm scared of the huge knife required to cut the skin of it)

Blog stats for yesterday. I didn't know so many dutch visited my blog lol.

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