10. Condo Visit

Today: Holt Renfrew again (mainly to get my new jeans altered), Union Station, Starbucks, then 1 King West to meet my family. I took a LOTTTTT of pictures, so I've decided to make this entry into 2 parts. The 2nd part will HOPEFULLY come tomorrow, or the day after, depending on how I feel after what I anticipate to be the most terrifying experience of my life so far -- wisdom teeth extraction. *faints*

This is the one right across from 1 King West. I have decided it's the best Starbucks I've ever been to. It's pretty big inside, and the decorations are a bit different from all the other Starbucks (ie. some exposed brick walls!) & there's a large table at the back (under those lights)..I'm gonna be spending a LOT of time here from now on. It will be like my second third home. Today I saw quite a few interesting/artsy-type people in here.
ps - I love Tazo tea.

I decided to get off at Union & then walk to King since I love walking in that area. It's all business-y & all business people but I just love the buildings. Left; 1KW is that tiny white building. Right; Union Station -- I love Union Station because of all the people rushing around to catch the train & all the tourists!!!

I got to the condo to find my mom & my sister already there. We sat here (a lounge area I guess) to wait for my dad. Then we went up to the room to take a bunch of pictures & measurements. I'll save those pictures for the next blog entry..

We decided to have Japanese food for dinner...

Poverty Sucks.
Does the picture on the shirt look familiar??
Yes, it's Coco Chanel ;]


  1. Ooo I had japanese today as well.

    btw there is a ghost infront of your face.

  2. I HONESTLY LOVE YOUR BLOGS! they're so interesting to read. i love the pictures. can't wait to see you in the fall :)
    i think you have inspired me to start blogging on here. i have a blog on Vox but it doesn't get much traffic, and i barely update it anyways.

    anyways keep it up! <3

  3. nagel --
    wowww what a coincidence! :O
    ghosts always like to fly in front of my face as I take pictures. It's sooo annoying.

    elisabeth --
    hahaha aw really? thanks so much!! =] I'm really excited for september too!!
    lol yea you should..I tried to comment on your blog before but they only let Vox members comment =\

  4. Why is your iPod in German btw?


    Nice pictures!

  5. I like to alternate between French & German hahah



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