52. You can say I Love You in Helvetica

Random Picspam!



  1. I totally saw your sister on the subway (sitting diagonally from me) yesterday as I was coming home from school!

    I don't think I'm gonna go to this season's fashion week.. we have way too much stuff! Unless there's some kind of thing through school like last time.

  2. hahaha you remember what she looks like? I think she should be on the subway around 6-7pm..

    ugh I know. I remember last season our busiest week was during fashion week too =(
    I think this time I'm only gonna go to this one show..

  3. Yaaaa, of course I remember (I'm good with faces if I may say so myself ;-P ). And yeah, it was at like, 6:20 I think.

    Surprisingly, I can't wait until exams!!!!

  4. lol yea I love exams because they mean school's over ;] & I'd rather study than write essays!!


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