3 things I really love: Switzerland, Moleskines, and limited edition items.
So naturally, the moment I heard about the existence of these things merging together, I just had to....
Presenting the most perfect Moleskine in existence:

Limited Edition Helvetica Moleskine!!

Typography exhibition in Harajuku, Japan:
"To celebrate this extraordinary font, Moleskine collaborated with the Helvetica foundation and acclaimed Japanese designers GROOVISIONS to create two special editions of the legendary notebooks (black and red).
A limited edition of 500 of each notebooks will be available in very selected retailers in Asia, to the pleasure of all fans of this legendary font."

lovelovelovelovelove it!



  1. ohmygolly..have you seen the movie helvetica?? i watched it in class last semester and it was like an intense movie ahahha..love the moleskines..it's beautiful *__*

  2. I was just about to say, the documentary is awesome!
    Basically, outlines how the font was designed, why, who uses it, why it's so great, what are the contemporary uses, etc etc
    so great~
    (I saw it a week or so ago haha)
    (actually i was reminded about the documentary because you kept talking about it on this blog haha)

  3. ooh I see hahah
    sounds interesting!

  4. hahaha, how random. you're so weird! limited edition moleskine notebooks... so random.

    you stayed up with 6 doing the essay!? oh ya, i forgot each paragraph was like, 800 words though! lol lol!


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