56. Streetstyle

(credit: styleclicker)
Really amazing streetstyle blogs/sites are hard to find..even harder is finding really amazing pictures. I only save the ones that I really really like; I'll probably save one single picture after looking through at least 50 different entries. Anyways here are a few of my favourites:

(credit: not sure)

(credit: GadeMode)

(credit: Style Sightings)

(credit: Style and the City - my favourite!)

(credit: garancedore)
This guy really looks like Adrien Brody.
(credit: cafe-mode)
LOVE this pic!!

(credit: cafe-mode)
LOVE the coat..

(credit: Facehunter)
hers too..

& I love these boys:

(credit: style and the city + styleclicker)

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  1. great inspiration photos! :D i love the green coat too


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