65. the lights, the fame, the games we play

Amazing day today - the PERFECT start to summer.
We did soooo many things that I'm sure I'm going to forget some of it but I'll attempt to summarize every single thing. Everything I did today will be what I'm going to spend the next few months doing and I cannot be more excited!!!!! ALMOST makes me a bit sad to leave on vacation *gasp*
lol I haven't done the laundry or packed anything yet though I have all day tomorrow. I can't believe this -- I was beyond excited about this trip a few weeks ago but it's just that I'm going to miss Toronto/certain things/certain people/my place here soooooooooooo much. Well at least there will be 3 more months of holidays after I come back.

My friend & I spent most of the day doing what we've been planning for a long time - have a "champagne picnic"; bottle of Hpnotiq (instead of the champagne) + martini glasses + food by the harbourfront.

Totally unaware it was illegal to drink in public until afterwards..hahah

After our lunch we packed up and came back to my building's patio to finish off the bottle, lying on towels listening to music on our iPod speakers. Met some guys by the pool area who were staying in the hotel room a few doors away from mine.

It turned out they were having a party and going to a club later on in the night. They invited us in so we went in..talked to them a bit/watched some of them get drunk. They were really nice though & also really drunk (a few) and later on in the night I saw one guy in nothing but a red thong..hah.
After that, my friend left.
THEN as I'm walking back to my room my next door neighbour David comes out of his room. We go for dinner then he wanted to go to a club as well.

Me: "I don't want to go to a club and I don't want to drink anymore..let's just go for a walk"
David: "ok give me a few minutes to get ready"
A few minutes later I knock on his door and he opens with gelled hair and clothes I've never seen him in before.
Me: "why are you all dressed up??"
David: "what? I thought we're going to a club?!"

We ended up just walking around all over the city, then back to our building's patio so smoke some cancer sticks. He smoked and tried to teach me.
Now it's 6am and the sun is starting to come up. I just binged on cereal & now I'm craving Hpnotiq.


  1. Hanging around the docks is pretty baller. Maybe your next picnic should be over on the island if you feel like further exploration.

  2. I though you would drink champagne in a "champagne-picnic", or Hipnotiq is some kind of champagne?

    Looks like you're having fun...

  3. oooh im gonna have to try that hypnotiq vodka. so far the best vodka i've had was P Diddy's vodka.. i forget what it's called. and i think Justin Timberlake just came out with one, and now there's an organic one. all of them i want to try!

  4. lol I never heard of those

    you definately should try it. & be sure to mix it with 7-up..makes it so much better

  5. Yes eventually sometime in the near future, we will be sipping some Dom Perignon lol.... and aww about not finding a single piano at Royal York last night! :( i swear the last time we went, i counted SIX.

  6. there's definately more than 6 I think lol..but ALL the doors were locked yesterday..like to all the meeting rooms

    maybe it was because we went in at like 1am

  7. did you turn red after drinking all that? lol

  8. surprisingly not..
    probably because there wasn't too much alcohol lol

  9. is it really illegal to drink in public? lol im so un-informed about things related to drinking :O

  10. yes it is in Canada..
    I only found out like a few weeks ago..but I dunno. I don't think it's such a huge crime to do it

  11. Hey Tiff its Chris from 2012 ! i just realized my room number is the end of the world !

    Yeah cool blog really interesting haha . And Yes, it is illegal to drink in public, even though me n friends always do it on the subway. Once i got caught by police and I got a fine for $130 , so im really careful lol

    Hey Tiff, if ur not on msn, Have an awesome trip and try not to stress out in hong kong or get hit by a car, cause thats probly the worse that could happen. And dont go to PI PI club in kowloon theres too many people on drugs haha .. and Bejing club in hong kong costs too much but go there if you wanna dress up really nice ..And go to the peak at night time so you can take pictures of all the city lights. I heard on a tv program once that all buildings, or atleast like 95% are faced towards the sea because its good luck , but i didnt really realize it.

    And if your bored in Hong Kong , see how many Seven Eleven stores you can count from 1 street to the next ... or taxis hahaa

    Ok talking about travelling has got me really excited im jealous ur going right now . Alright BYE !

  12. that seems a great great day!!I love that drink!I got it in UK once and I want to have it again but we don't get it here :(
    Anyway have a lot of fun in your trip!I am sure you must be really excited right now.

    Have fun!Take a lot of pictures and buy a lot too haha I like reveals hehe

  13. hi Chris..lol you found my blog! :O

    hahaha oh you guys do that too? If I get caught I'd just tell them I didn't know lol. though from now on we're going to just do it at emptier places

    thanks so much for the suggestions!! & I will let you know about Japan when I get back =D


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