70. Guilin | Scenery

Continuing on with my Asia phototour, we'll start at the airport this time as I'm waiting for my flight from Hong Kong to..Guilin!

The scenery as the plane is descending. All farmland and murky rivers.
My favourite part of this entire trip was actually right after landing in Guilin, when we were driving from the airport to our hotel. Guilin/China is very different from any place I've ever been before. I LOVE the feeling of seeing a whole new culture for the first time, and just taking it all in. It's hard to describe the feeling but the feeling I get is why I love travelling so much. It just felt so surreal being in a whole new place, and rural China was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I'll always remember the thoughts going through my mind as I gazed out the window during that ride.

These posts are not in chronological order. These next few photos were taken during our last day in Guilin, during a raft ride down a river. The scenery was amazing & photos do not do it justice at all.

The locals here have a really different way of life than we do in the West. There were a few times when I felt like I was in a movie or a dream. I've seen so many documentaries and photos of Guilin before coming on this trip, that finally experiencing everything in person didn't feel real. Know what I mean? I'm sure many people feel the same when travelling to a new place for the first time.


  1. wow it really does look like from a movie, it just looks so calm and beautiful

  2. Very elegant pictures but I'm a little disappointed with the details. I know your hiding some good stories so stop teasing with just pictures :)

  3. yea it was really nice..and there was even a girl there singing their traditional songs

    sorry Seth..I promise to write a novel for the next pictures!

  4. the pictures look so great!it's like if you add some mountains on photoshop LOL it must be incredible see all that with the fog
    haha I took planes pictures too LOL

  5. those pictures are amazing! they remind me of The Painted Veil movie. Did you see that? If you haven't, watch it! :)

    Oh gosh, I hate those types of customers when I go to Starbucks! I always seem to get at least two in front of me! >:(

  6. noo I haven't..but I'll look for it!

    hahaha I think it's so funny..but yea it must be annoying to wait behind them lol


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