66. the morning after

My flight is in 12 hours..
I'm home at my parents' right now. I already miss 1 King West. & I already look forward to the day I come back. Hopefully once I arrive there I won't feel like this lol...I mean I can't believe I don't want to leave for vacation!? Though I think part of the reason is the lack of freedom for the next month - I'm at my parents' house now and I'm already annoyed by them yelling at me to start packing every 5 minutes.

Last night I STARTED packing (stage 1) at 6am! Didn't even sleep! Packed up all my stuff to bring to my parents' which will then be packed into suitcases.

Dior shoes that barely get any use. These are the ONLY pair of flat shoes I have, literally.

So here's what happened yesterday.
In the morning I woke up and found this note under my door..(from the guys we met the other day having the hotel room party)
lol. Then I opened the door to find an actual banana..my neighbour David got one too hahah.

ok I was SUPPOSED to spend yesterday packing but I procrastinated and just sat in my room doing nothing..so let's fast forward to midnight.
I was talking to David on msn when we randomly decided to explore our building. We went to the penthouse suites. Then we walked around the underground deserted PATH. It was so funny..we saw some security guards walking around and I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy wandering the path so late at night.

Then he decided to teach me poker in the hotel lobby. We played for about 4-5 hours. All I know is that we were sitting down there until 5am and I was ready to pass out. I kept losing so when I'm back from vacation I owe him some drinks..

The beautiful penthouses..
At around 5:30am..we walked out to a 24-hour McDonalds to get breakfast. I got some hot cakes, ate them and finally started packing. At around 6:30-7am...I finally slept. Then my dad came a few hours later to pick me up.

A lot of people have been asking if I'm going to update this blog when I'm gone..I'm pretty sure I will. I will try doing it as often as I can (maybe short updates every other day) but I most likely won't have any pictures til I get back. I'm not gonna be bringing my laptop.

Anyways I have to go take a shower now and pack things in my suitcase before my parents yell at me again. I'll probably update one more time tomorrow morning!


  1. yess i'm looking forward to your updates while on vacay!

    what's the gucci?

  2. it's the bag I got a few months ago in Montreal =P

  3. Haha I like your soccer shoes.. yep they're soccer shoes =]

    Ya better be taking mad photos all day and night in japan of everything you see and post em up or I'll be a pretty sad panda.

  4. I definately will. I think I'm going to see pandas too.....will try to bring one home as well!

  5. how do these guys look like? and are they up to your business suit men standards or just friends?

    please update when you're away too!! :)

  6. Hi Tiffany!! Just want to wish you a safe trip :) Take lots of picture. I'm sure you will find a Starbucks or two while on your trip. :)I don't know for sure if they make it the same here tho. Get some rest and have a lot of fun hon.


    Koh Lepe

  7. jarofstars - hahah they're like 21, 22..definately not men in suits yet but I can't say too much because they know my blog!

    Kohlepe - thanks!! =D

  8. don't worry there is starbucks in HK!! :D

  9. the starbucks at hk is different from the ones here, menu wise at least :) i wish i can go to hk this summer too, but i guess i have to wait til christmas :( btw have a safe trip! AND take pictures of everything and everything you buy and see! hope you love hk as much as i do!

  10. Have fun!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy your awesome vacation. I will look forward to your updates!


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