69. Food from Tokyo

Here's the first batch of pictures..you can expect posts like this throughout the next few weeks. I'm uploading all my pictures at random - for now here are some of Tokyo! More specifically - FOOD.

I love collecting stamps in my passport. Got 4 pages filled from this single trip!

I was always told that things in Japan were really expensive but when I went there I actually found that prices were more or less the same as Canada. Well at least the clothes were. Restaurant food prices weren't too bad either -- & their food is delicious.
Then I realized what was most expensive..their candy and snacks. Everything there is really nicely wrapped. I think they put more effort into the packaging than the food itself..I mean it all tasted good but not exceptional, or worth the price for that matter.

I saw a LOT of interesting unique snacks/candy. Each store set up glass cases to show the inside of each box. I should've taken pictures of all the different kinds I saw but I was too overwhelmed lol. I wanted to buy one of each but too bad they were all $15 or more per box and take up so much room in my luggage. We only bought a few boxes..mostly to give away to our relatives in HK.



  1. You made an already hungry person even hungrier. If the Japanese know 1 thing, they know how to make food LOOK AMAZING.

    I look forward to the other 1187 photos.

  2. I have SOOOOOO many more pictures of food hahah

    now I feel pressured to post them ALL

  3. i heard this place has good macarons!
    sadly..i've never tried them before


  4. I've been on that site before! lol
    it's a bit far from where I live though =(

  5. all the foood look so good! esp they are sweets! : 9
    ooh but i want to see more pictures of the stuff you bought : P all your clothes, ysl clutch, shoess!

  6. I haven't taken pictures of everything yet hahah..I will do that tomorrow night =D

  7. Ahhhhh, I found the best bakery for macarons in Toronto a while ago, but now I forgot where it was located! When I find out, I will most definitely tell you. Looks like you had a nice trip as well!

  8. AWESOME PICTURES!!! me wants to go tooo soo baaddd aaaaah!

  9. hahah I don't understand why everyone wants to go to Tokyo soo badly

  10. For some reason, the first snack, looks like a baby chick.. :P
    I really love the way the mochi looks like a bunny! :)
    What are those vendors? Are they wafers?

    A friend of mine when to Paris and she brought home macarons for me! Soooo good! But I want to know how it would taste fresh from the bakery! :P

  11. japan is the second obese country now lol
    i think it has to do with these sweets because real japanese food isnt even fatty.

  12. Joli: lol yea I think that's what it's supposed to be =P & yup it's ice cream wrapped inside wafers..soo good

    Reena: really?? I swear I didn't see a single fat or even slightly overweight person when I went there lol everyone was incredibly skinny!!

  13. Charlee (from LJ) :)6/1/09, 5:14 AM

    Hey! Just came to see some of your photos! Looks like you had an awesome trip :)
    I had the nicest macarons in Paris, from this place really near the Eiffel Tower which I would definitely go to again, they are so delicious!

  14. heyyyy!!
    ooh I'm sure the ones in Paris would be amazing -- definately gonna load up on those next time I visit hahah


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