68. "Thank you for keeping the airport clean"

I'm back!! Even though I'm really glad to be back in Toronto..I really hate first days back from vacations. Everything is a mess (ie. my dining room table and floor & room)..I have 1200+ pictures to resize, clothes to wash and tailor, etc

I'm at my parents' house now..need to wait a couple days until my dad can drive me back down to 1KW. I can't wait to be home. So I took over a thousand photos and obviously I'm not going to post them all, so I'm just gonna do random posts with a few pictures each time. I'm not sure I'll ever have the energy to resize/upload them all on here.


  1. Can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. lol 30 hours of no sleep...and when we were talking last night,i thought a few hours worth of sleep was bad! Yay!!! can't wait to see those postcards!!! Looking forward to saturday- and the best part is that it'll actually be nice...its like the only day with rain so far :)

  3. hahah you mean the only day without rain..?
    I'm sure it'll be nice though. the weather always goes nice whenever we plan to do something lol

  4. Can't wait for all 1200.
    I won't be happy until I see em all!
    I should hope each picture comes with detailed information and a heart warming story.

  5. I can definately write lots of detailed information/heartwarming stories for each. You better read it all!

  6. mostly ALL the malls in HK are like that! hahah I loved it..
    and this one was right inside the financial district so that's why ;] (yea designer brands were literally in every mall lol)


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