196. "ich liebe dich"

I'm about a week and a half behind on my blog. Usually if I haven't been updating much it either means that I have nothing going on in my life worth mentioning or way too much going on. Lately I've been going out way too much a lot and just enjoying my summer. For the past two weeks I've been out literally every single night - coming back past 3am & sleeping when the sun comes up. That's why I haven't had much time to update..plus I don't take nearly as many pictures as I used to. It's mainly been Brassaii, Spice Route, Brassaii, Pravda, Spice Route, etc..
Right now it's 4:30am & I really have been trying hard to go to bed before 6 one of these days. So here are some photos from last week (this week's will come in my next post)

My new favourite restaurant, BLOWFISH! As a lot of you know, when I find something new that I like, I become obsessed with it. & I really love Blowfish. If I can find someone to come here with me everyday I would. I was invited to an event they had last week..lots of saketinis and makimonos for sampling. We got there kind of late so we only got to try one of each. The makimono was so good we decided to sit down for dinner. I have pictures of the food I got on my Facebook but I'm not gonna post them here because the pictures came out too dark. I ordered 6 pieces of Okinawan (
deep fried sweet potato wrap, banana, avocado, mango-kewpie coulis) and 6 pieces of Chicken Kara-age (lightly battered chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, red tobiko, mango, strawberry kewpie). Both were AMAZING. When I go out for Japanese food I usually just order kappa maki (cucumber sushi) but I wanted to try EVERY single makimono they had, because it all sounded so good (& it was!) Their edamame was also pretty good. I will definately be coming back here more often..I really want to try everything on their menu, plus every sake and saketini they have. PS - the service could've been better though

Then a friend of mine from Germany came to Toronto to visit for a few days! The first evening I brought him to O&B . This is the view from their patio to my building (the skinny/flat/white one on the right)

We just had drinks, edamame (yes I have an addition) & sweet potato fries which all tasted much better than when I had them last time. Plus the service is really good here.

After that we went to the harbourfront for a midnight stroll. I love summer nights down by the harbour. I've been going there practically everyday lately with Hennessy.

The next day going around Yorkville..we went to the Hyatt Hotel's rooftop lounge. I really love this place..I can't believe I've only been here once (or twice?) before. But I definately need to go back more often...again, if I can find someone to come everyday with me I would hahah. It has such a nice view/atmosphere.

& amazing tapas!!

My blog seems to be slowwwwly turning into a food/lounges/restaurants blog..

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