200. The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Very behind on my blog once again. I've had such an exhausting week..literally haven't gone to bed before 6am in THE longest time. Feel like I've said this many times before..but it's really true. I need to stop going out every night. I seriously think I have a problem..because I've been telling myself to stay in for even one night, and it hasn't happened for weeks. I've gone everywhere this week: Pravda, Brassaii, Spice Route, Blowfish, Irish Embassy, Watermark, Against the Grain, Spice Route, Pravda, Spice Route, Pravda, Spice Route..etc.

So I've also been going to the Ritz Carlton a lot. Their residences to be more exact. I checked out a lot of the units still under construction and took a lot of pics:

This was taken on the balcony at the very top floor/master penthouse. Apparently it's 25000 sq feet. Ridiculously huge and expensive (I was told it will be for $38 million when the owner decides to sell it). If given the choice I'd rather take the penthouse in my building though - it's way nicer (& for a mere $4 million unfurnished - look at previous post for pics) plus the location is a lot better. The Ritz's penthouse is just very big..nothing spectacular about the view/layout/shape of it. Or I would take a suite at the Shangri-La, which I think I'll like way more than the Ritz. It's the one still under construction on the left side..with pink at the top.

The residents' patio

This was another suite at the Ritz, with a private elevator. The only thing I liked about the units here were their HUGE living rooms and floor to ceiling windows. Once you get out of the private elevator it's a large open area in front. Well, some of the floorplans were like this. Overall I didn't like many of their layouts.

Kitchen - I like the white cabinets

The view to the CN Tower & Skydome..

& finally some pics of my very happy dog:

Expect more picspams to come in the next few days!

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