198. MoRoCo Chocolat

Last week I met up with a friend to go to MoRoCo! I love the decor at this place. The previous time I came here with her was like two years ago ..wow that's such an old blog entry.

I really liked their patio. All the furniture/decor was white and felt like Alice in Wonderland.

I had their sweet crepes..actually did not like this at ALL =\ it had yogurt inside, which I didn't know..and I really hate yogurt. Plus it was way too sweet. Should've just stuck with the smores that we got last time.

& my friend got this..sorbet or something. It's pretty cool how they did it. The sorbet was inside this ball of chocolate..which melted away a hole when you poured hot melted chocolate over it.

Truffles at their boutique. They also have macarons here but I still think Petite Thuet's is the best I've had in Toronto.

Perfect gifts for Veuve Clicquot lovers. I actually try to stay away from Veuve Clicquot because the one and only time I had it, I felt really sick afterwards. Now that I think about it the only other champagne I've had are Cristal & Dom Perignon. Ahh those Pravda nights..reading back on my old blog entries are fun. Can't believe I used to go there so often back then: 1, 2, 3. It makes me laugh how I used to blog about going out to Pravda on a school night then at the bottom of the posts I'd have a paragraph stressing about school.

So the day after that, I met my mom and my sister for lunch at Yorkville..saw this beautiful white Bentley drive by as we were on the patio.

Then we went to Holt Renfrew as my mom wanted to look at handbags, and I wanted to pick out the next bag on my wishlist. I think I'm gonna get the LV Alma..the one in this picture is the PM. I tried it and felt it was a bit too small so I'll probably go for the bigger size (hate how it's so much more expensive though! ugh). & it's really dark in this picture but it is the Bleu Infini colour which is navy blue. I like it in bright lighting..it's gorgeous. I wish it was a bit lighter but I still think I might get it. Just want to wait until the new colour comes out in August so I can decide whether or not I want that instead (apparently it is a colour called Givre - a pale shade of blue/icy blue, according to the Customer Support people. SAs know nothing in stores if you ask) Hopefully the Bleu Infini will still be available after the new colour is introduced though.

Evening strolls by the harbour as always..

Met a 905-er down there who's a graphic designer with an even cooler business card than mine (it's metal) ! We went to O&B then Spice Route that night. For those who aren't from Toronto/not familiar with the term...905-ers are those from outside the downtown area. Their special trait is that they only come out on weekends. Friday and saturday nights are the 905er nights..that's why I prefer going out during the week because those 905er nights are too packedddd. Weekday evenings they usually have an early curfew in order to get home and wake up early for work the next morning. ;] I used to be a 905-er! Do not miss those days at all..

PS: I'm half joking. I'm not that snobby lol

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