197. Part II

More pictures on my phone taken from last week when my German friend came to visit..

Spice Route - Pretty sure I was here at least 4 nights of the past 7 days!! & it's not like I plan my nights..I just happen to end up there all the time.

So IIFA took place in Toronto this year. I don't even know any Bollywood stars or had much interest in this event, but I wanted to go to the Royal York bar that night where the celebs all happened to be staying at. My friend & I went to EPIC , and conveniently sat next to a bunch of very famous celebs. I have no idea who they were but soooo many people kept walking by outside and snapping pics of them and waving! I'm pretty sure I got in all their paparazzi pics hahah. It was fun. There were also bodyguards next to us the entire time.

Here's MY paparazzi shot of them - anyone know who they are?!

I got dessert - their apple crumble which tasted really bad too (this post seems to be full of bad reviews). A bit disappointing because everything else I've ever had at this place in the past were amazing!

Walking around the city..Dundas Square.

My building's ballroom


For my work I have to go to different buildings. I got an assignment on a new building the other day and on my first day there..as I got in the elevator I run into a guy who used to live in my building! hahah..I really have gotten to the point of running into someone I know at every place I go to. He invited me to his place after I was done. His view is amazing!!!! Of course this picture doesn't do it justice..but his balcony was very big with a full unobstructed view of the CN Tower.

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