199. givre

Photos on my phone all taken from yesterday..starting with a morning going around Yorkville.

Of course I stopped by LV to look/ogle at the Bleu Infini vernis Almas again..

I love these men's shoes..I need a boy to shop for!

Very happy that my new business cards have arrived!! 

My building's penthouses are still for sale! There's still 3 available. I want to live in one badly. When I was up there I thought about how Suits filmed an episode there lol.

This is the one I want..I always need a south view.

The entrance..facing east. Amazing wall of windows.

I really love my building - if I ever have to move, I think the only place I'd actually want to move to is up to the penthouse. Hopefully by the time I can afford it, it'll still be available? Actually how much longer do I want to stay in Toronto anyways? 

I loooove the washrooms.

& dinner at Blowfish!

I love the Okinawan - what I refer to as the "dessert sushi"

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