346. Last Week

O&B bar
Some photos from my phone taken this past week. Lots of O&B-ing and patios. Last time I posted about O&B I said the Mac and Cheese was the best I've ever had. Well I take that back - had it again and didn't like it anymore. I couldn't even finish it this time. That day I came here for lunch with my friend, which eventually turned into 9 hours of patio-hopping all day. Not sure how that happened! I felt so guilty when I got home (for wasting the entire day). Then I realized I used to do this all the time during the previous summers without feeling guilty at all. I miss those stress-free days with no responsibilities:

O&B Front St O&B mac and cheese
Financial District
Earl's patio
Earl's sticky toffee
CN Traveler

O&B Round 2:
O&B Cafe Grill patio
O&B patio

Stripper cop putting his pants back on in my lobby:
stripper cop CIBC Commerce Court



  1. I had to laugh at the stripper cop! You would never see this in Luxembourg (no such exciting things happen there). The mac and cheese looks delicious though! I wouldn't feel too guilty about the patio hopping. Life is short and needs to be enjoyed!

    1. lol we get them here from time to time..
      that's true, it was a fun day after all

  2. Whose were the days of just hanging out without feeling guilty. I like O & B. It's a nice place to hang out with friends. Have a wonderful week.

    1. O&B is one of my favourite patios to go for drinks in the summer..(but not for food!) Their other restaurants are better for that

  3. Looking at these photos made me suddenly crave for mac and cheese.. hah, haven't had that in ages but that's gotta change soon! your dog is such a cutiepie :)

    1. lol I don't normally eat it either..

  4. Stripper cop OMG! Wonder if he caught you snapping his pic hehehe! And don't feel guilty about wasting a day away. It's only once in a while, think of it like a treat! Responsibilities suck! LOL


    1. hahah no he didn't see. I snapped it quickly when his back was turned.
      & yes that's true! It is important to have those kinds of days once in awhile

  5. Omg that last photo of your adorable pouch is to die for!!! Looks like he wants to travel too haha speaking of travel, I spy that travel magazine ;) Where is your next destination and is it a cruise? lol Gosh a nice relaxing sunny cruise would be so nice right about now, though I'm loving the weather in Vancouver, it's been super sunny for 29 days straight!

    That mac and cheese thing happens to me too, it was with the spinach dip at Joey's lol The spinach dip at the cheesecake factory is still king for me though, the mac and cheese still looks yummy! I sometimes think it's because we put the food on such a pedestal and when we have it, it's not that it isn't good but we just perhaps created a false image of it in our minds? I dunno what I'm talking about anymore haha

    Hope you're doing well!

    1. hahah yea he wants to visit Buenos Aires I think..that's funny you mention cruise because lately I have had the strongest urge to go on a cruise again! The only major cruise I've taken was when I was 7 years old.
      I actually am planning another vacation somewhere but I won't reveal until it's booked :) where will your next destination be?

      I know what you mean hahah

  6. Your life looks amazing! Always out :)
    Keep on going, I love your blog <3

    Love from London xx


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