396. Canoe and Stock

Canoe desserts
Wednesday evening consisted of drinks and dessert at Canoe, then a tasting menu dinner at Stock

drinks at Canoe
Screech Sour + a (virgin) Raspberry Mojito..yum!

Canoe Preserved Seaside Strawberries dessert
As you may know, I LOVE Canoe's desserts. They had a few new ones on the menu, including this one - "Preserved Seaside Strawberries" (with Black Sesame Chiffon, Jasmine & Mascarpone Sorbet). It was soooo good!! Definitely my favourite dessert I've ever had at Canoe so far. I'll probably order two next time I go.

Canoe Milk Chocolate Kernal Peanut dessert
Milk Chocolate & Kernal Peanut (with 46% Milk Chocolate, Banana Butter & Caramel Ice Cream).
I took like 5 photos of it but somehow all came out blurry.

Canoe St. Honore cheese
St. Honore Cheese (Pasteurized Cow’s Milk from the Eastern Townships of Qu├ębec)

Canoe spring rolls
Vegetable Spring Rolls (with Kozlik’s Mustard Plum Sauce)

Afterwards, it was time for a late dinner at Stock - located on the 31st floor of the Trump Hotel. I have eaten here a couple times in the past. While the food was good, I always thought it was a bit overpriced for what you get. A few months ago, Stock was taken over by Oliver and Bonacini (of my favourite restaurant, Canoe ;), so we went to try the tasting menu. We each got a 4-course meal for $95 + tax, which is definitely worth it and I recommend going for that rather than ordering a-la-carte. The chef prepared this menu especially for us, so I think some of the dishes (like the steak tartare) are variations of what they have on the regular dinner menu. I was extremely full by the end of it though, thanks to the pre-dinner desserts from Canoe!

Oyster Amuse Bouche
We started off with an oyster amuse-bouche. That was literally my first time eating an oyster.
(I'm not really into seafood, but it wasn't bad)

Ahi Tuna Stock Restaurant appetizer
Ahi Tuna

Sea Urchin
Intermezzo - sea buckthorn and green sorrel

Steak Tartare Stock Restaurant
Steak Tartare - this was my favourite! There was some caesar salad mixed into it.

Kale & Ricotta Ravioli
For the main, I got the Kale & Ricotta Ravioli (butternut squash, marcona almonds, brown butter)

Stock Roasted Chantecler Rouge Chicken
My friend had the Roasted Chantecler Rouge Chicken (spiced cauliflower, edamame, truffle)

Stock Restaurant poached pear dessert
This dessert was really sweet but I loved it - Poached Pear & Stout (Guinness gingerbread, Bailey’s cream, brandied toffee)

Stock Restaurant dessert

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  1. Lovely looking food! And what a presentation/plating skills c:
    I also love the design of that plate with the dessert on top!

  2. So you had two desserts in one day! Love it ;) I have never tried oysters and I don't think I ever will... But I'm sure that I would have enjoyed the cheese, spring rolls and the ahi tuna.

    1. hahah some days I've had even more!
      I don't think I knew anyone else who never had oyster before either

  3. Would love to have everything you had right now :) Happy Sunday darling xoxo ES

    1. I'd love to have it all again..
      you too!


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