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Punta Tragara view
I stayed a couple nights at the Punta Tragara Hotel when in Capri. This was definitely the best hotel I've ever stayed at in my life!! I stayed at four different hotels during my time in Italy. I truly LOVED all of them (for different reasons) but my favourite overall, especially in terms of my suite/view/pool/the hotel itself, was Punta Tragara.

Punta Tragara Hotel is perched atop the cliffs of Capri, overlooking the Faraglioni Rocks. It has a long history. It was built and designed by Le Corbusier in 1920. During WWII, it was home to the American command and welcomed notable guests such as General Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill. In 1968 it was bought by Count Goffredo Manfredi as a holiday home before it turned into a hotel in 1973.

Visiting a place like Capri was amazing on its own, but staying at this hotel really added to the experience. It really is one of the best hotels in Capri because of its location, panoramic views and general ambiance. Punta Tragara is a 5 Star Hotel, but seems to be on a class of its own. They are part of Small Luxury Hotels. With only 44 rooms/suites, they were able to offer really personalized services. All the staff greeted me by name when they saw me and made me feel like a highly valued guest.

I took 80+ photos of the hotel, in preparation for this review (and just because everywhere you looked was so beautiful). I have to say, it was extremely difficult for me to narrow down the best photos but I managed to keep it down to 35. I will share my experience as best I can but this is one of those places you actually have to visit to fully appreciate, as photos do not do justice. I will also warn you this is going to be quite a lengthy post.

I had a Junior Suite. It was bright and airy, with the window and balcony doors spanning 2 floors. The photo above was the view from my balcony, overlooking the famous Faraglioni Rocks.

map of Capri
Welcome Service: Upon my arrival at Marina Grande (the main port of Capri), a hotel representative was there to greet me and take my luggage. I had arranged this service prior to my arrival. Most parts of Capri is not accessible by car, so they have a service where they bring your luggage up on something similar to a golf cart. The main parts of Capri is high above the cliffs, so you'd have to take a funicular up and down to the port. They had a ticket ready for me, handed me this map and I was on my way. As you can see, Punta Tragara Hotel is pretty much at the very end of the island however the walk there from La Piazzetta (the main square) was only 15-20min. & it was a very scenic walk!

Punta Tragara Capri
Via V. Emanuele has a lot of restaurants. Via Camarelle has a lot of designer fashion boutiques. & Via Tragara is very peaceful and quiet..lined with a lot of high end hotels and villas, with the best views of the sea. At the very end of Via Tragara is the Punta Tragara Hotel! (Fun fact: As you approach the hotel, you will hear a woman singing loudly in Italian. She has a small juice stand right beside the hotel with freshly squeezed fruit juices) Right in front of the hotel is also the lookout point for the Faraglioni Rocks, so often there will be some people around there.

Punta Tragara Hotel Capri
Punta Tragara lobby
Check In: They were already expecting my arrival when I got there. A few members of the staff were there to greet me and offered me a glass of champagne during check-in (which I declined in place of water since I was pretty thirsty from the walk). The check-in process was quick and seamless. I was personally shown around the hotel, then brought to my suite and introduced to all the amenities. My luggage then arrived a few minutes after. As they led me up, I admired all the beautiful art and designs throughout the hotel:

Punta Tragara Hotel
Torta Caprese
They had this Torta Caprese prepared for me. It was delicious!! It is a chocolate and almond cake originating from Capri. (I think I need to find a place to get this in Toronto...) The next evening at turn down service they had some salted nuts waiting for me.

Punta Tragara Capri View
Another photo of my beautiful view, gazing out to the endless horizon. My balcony had a small table and 2 lounge chairs.

Punta Tragara Junior Suite
The Suite: Here is a partial view of my suite. To the side of the entrance is a large walk-in closet. Then there is an area with a desk, a sitting area, and upstairs is the bedroom and bathroom.

Punta Tragara Suite
Punta Tragara Junior Suite
Punta Tragara closet
Punta Tragara hotel minibar
Very well-stocked mini-bar!

Punta Tragara Junior Suite
Punta Tragara Capri bed
One thing I really loved was that they change all my bed sheets entirely each day. On the first night I had a different set/different coloured bedsheets and pillows. The bed was also super comfy.

Punta Tragara Junior Suite
Punta Tragara bathroom
Bathroom: The bathroom was huge! It had Etro toiletries and a small trunk of everything you could possibly need: slippers, hairdryer, sleep mask, sewing kit, mouth wash, shaving kit, etc.

Punta Tragara washroom
Punta Tragara bathroom
Punta Tragara washroom toiletries
Punta Tragara pool
Pool Bar: I loved the pool bar area so much. If I had more time I could probably spend an entire day there just lounging around. There are two pools here; a heated and non-heated one. The staff here were very attentive and non-intrusive. When I was there, there were only a few other guests and most of the time I was there by myself. It was so relaxing and peaceful to just lay there watching the sea and the sunset. The whole area is very large. It contains the restaurant (with indoor and outdoor seating) then another area for the outdoor bar.

Punta Tragara pool
Punta Tragara pool bar
Punta Tragara pool
Punta Tragara pool bar
Punta Tragara Capri apple martini
I ordered this apple mojito which tasted as good as it looks. They also brought me a lot of complimentary snacks from the restaurant like the bruschetta in the photo above, and some other things like slider burgers and seafood hors d'oeuvres. Everything was delicious.

Capri sunset pool
Punta Tragara Monzu restaurant
Breakfast: A quality buffet breakfast always makes my stay all the more enjoyable. Along with an array of fresh fruits (which tasted really fresh), pastries, cakes, cold meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, etc..there was also a menu you could order from which had things like omelettes, waffles, crepes, pancakes, porridge and more. Everything together with the perfect view!

Breakfast Monzu RestaurantAfter I was seated, they promptly brought me my freshly squeezed orange juice and green tea along with a panna cotta.

Punta Tragara Capri breakfast
Punta Tragara breakfast
Punta Tragara Capri breakfast
Belgian Waffle
I had a crepe one morning and a Belgian waffle the next..sooooo good.

Givenchy Antigona light blue
Capri sunset
The perfect bag stand for my bag & a final sunset.

Check Out: The evening before I was to check out, the front desk helped me arrange my luggage transport again. They set a time for the porter to come up to get my bags. For my last nights in Capri I switched to a different hotel (which I will review as well soon!). On the morning of, my check out was very quick and seamless as well. They kindly called the other hotel for me to check if everything was ready for my arrival (as it was pretty early and hours before normal check in time). My room was ready so I went off on my own, then the two hotels arranged the luggage transport for me separately.

Overall my experience at the Punta Tragara was amazing. The service and everything there exceeded my expectations. I definitely will return to Capri at some point again in my life and would love to stay here again!!



  1. Your hotel was a dream! Great review and interesting to learn about the history behind this beautiful place.

  2. Your hotel was a dream.


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