503. Recent Life

AQAQ dress
Hello everyone! Here is another long overdue "recent life" post which contains random photos from the past month or so. I'm currently watching the Olympics as I type this. Probably the first time in a year since I am watching TV lol. Gymnastics is my favourite to watch. I also like synchronized swimming and diving. I love these types of events when the whole world comes together. I hope to be able to attend the Olympics (or World Cup) someday..maybe for the next one in Tokyo!

Richmond Hill Country Club pool
A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to my cousin's wedding/lunch at the Richmond Hill Country Club. Here is the view out the dining room. The pool area is pretty nice.

AQAQ white dress
Toronto Union Station
View of Toronto
Also a few weeks ago, I met up with one of my "Instagram friends", Victoria. We've followed each other on Instagram for quite awhile and I always love seeing her travel photos. She is from Korea and was in Toronto for a few days so I took her to one of my favourite spots in the city - Canoe.

View from the Top Toronto
Canoe drinks
Canoe slider burgers
We had raspberry mojitos and slider burgers.

Paintlounge painting
My painting from my company event at Paintlounge. It was my first time going there and my first time painting in years! Since my university days actually. I love art (especially painting) and used to do it a lot in school (since I studied fashion and had a lot of art related courses). I wish I had time to do it more often these days. This was the painting we did that night. Everyone had to paint the same thing. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I accidentally SAT in the paint palette and ruined a pair of my white Frame jeans. I can't believe it happened lol. So embarrassing. I finished my painting so I put the palette down on my stool. Then I forgot it was there and sat back down on it. I held the painting over my butt to cover up the stain as I was walking back in my lobby. Luckily I had a back up pair of a similar style and from the same brand so I wasn't too upset..

Evolution Food Co
Colette Toronto bar
Colette Toronto interiors
Colette Toronto
Colette Grand Cafe Toronto
Last Thursday I met up with 2 of my friends that I knew from elementary school for lunch at Colette Grand Cafe. They are the only ones I still speak to from elementary school on a semi-regular basis. I think we see each other like once a year since high school..it's nice to catch up and reminisce on our school days. The restaurant is so beautiful. I had never been there before but heard about it and have seen photos and had always wanted to go! I will definitely go back.

Colette Toronto
These were delicious!! I got the "Lychee Pomegranate Fizz" with lemon, lychee and ginger soda

Colette Grand Cafe
Colette Grand Cafe
Colette Grand Cafe chicken
I had the "Poulet a la Creole"; brick chicken, cajun spiced butter and fries. It was really good and there was a lot of chicken. I just found it to be too wet. As you can see there's a pool of liquid under it. I loved the salad.

Colette Grand Cafe desserts
For dessert, they bring out a platter of different cakes and macarons to choose from. We just got macarons to share.

Colette Grand Cafe patio
Kupfert and Kim smoothie bowl
Maje Bacary Bomber



  1. I also watch Olympics. Right now polish national team in handball is playing with Germany. I hope we will win. Our team is really good :) And I also like gymnastics. Unfortunately our gymnast dissapointed and she's coming back home. Maybe next time. Nice pictures and you look great in this white dress!


  2. I hope that one day we'll go to Canoe together as well!


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