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Toronto sunset
When Anouk was here, one of our major dinner plans was to my favourite restaurant...Canoe! I am sure you all know by now that it's my favourite restaurant in Toronto. Everyone I know who has been there loves it as well, so I knew I had to bring her there to try. Also I think it's the best place to bring visitors so they can see the perfect views of Toronto from above. If you go to Canoe, I recommend one of their tasting menus rather than ordering a-la-carte. That way you can try more things, and everything is amazingly presented. It also feels more like an experience rather than just dinner. I had the vegetarian tasting menu there with my sister a couple years ago, when I brought her there for her birthday dinner. (You can also see on that post, Anouk commented saying she wanted to try it and now she finally has! lol) I've also been here for a dessert tasting before.

Canoe Vegetarian Tasting Menu
Here was our menu for the night. We had the vegetarian menu but they also have a regular one with meat as well as a vegan tasting menu. I think it changes with every season. So this one is for summer..I'm sure they will release their Fall/Autumn one soon (which makes me sad to think about as I don't want summer to end yet!)

Canoe restaurant Toronto
Toronto view
It rained when we arrived which ruined the view a bit; as Canoe is on the 54th floor, we were in the storm clouds and couldn't see a thing outside for some time. But by the end of our dinner the rain had stopped an incredible sunset came out.

Canoe cocktailI had the "Peach Julep" cocktail which consisted of: Maker’s Mark bourbon, sugar, peaches, Amaro Trevisano and mint

Canoe Toronto
They make their bread from scratch. It is seriously the best bread I've ever had in my life! It's so soft and tasty. They brought out three baskets in total for us lol. & the dip is soooo good. I forgot what it is..I think a hummus of some sort.

Canoe quail eggs
Amuse Bouche: Tamarack Quail Eggs

Canoe tasting menu vegetarian
First Course: Okroshka
This is a type of Russian soup. Probably my favourite out of everything. It was so beautiful I almost didn't want to dig in and drink it. It has: radish, dilled cucumber, purple potato and hen's egg. I'm not sure how they made it pink...possibly from the radish. Looking at the ingredients at first, I didn't think I'd like it but the combination of everything worked really well together.

Canoe tasting menu burrata
Second Course: Ontario Burrata
I really love burrata dishes. This one was delicious and very creamy. I loved the presentation as well. I just found it to be quite a large portion, which can be a good thing I guess. It was just extremely filling. It has: unripe strawberries, arugula, k2 milling crisp and smoked canola oil.

Canoe tasting menu
Intermezzo: Watermelon (quite self explanatory!)

Canoe tasting menu
Third Course: Canadian Barley Risotto
With whey poached baby carrots, nasturtium, marinated tempeh and Monforte dairy cheese. This was delicious as well. The texture of the risotto was perfect.

Canoe dessert Toronto
Fourth Course: Classic Canoe Buttertart
It seems this is the standard dessert for their tasting menus. While this was delicious, I don't think it's one of their best desserts. From my dessert tasting as well as the numerous other times I've been there (sometimes just for a dessert), I've had the opportunity to try probably 12 or more different desserts..so I'm quite experienced in that area hahah. I was only able to finish about half as I was way too full by that time. Then they brought out these lavender shortbreads which I unfortunately didn't have any room left for.

Canoe Toronto
Toronto sunset
view from Canoe



  1. So nice to see your Canoe post! I've just put up mine. Wish I could turn back time and relive this experience :)


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