*Balearic Islands: Top Holiday Destination for Young Families*

When you think of the top holiday destinations to travel with kids, the Balearic Islands usually do not immediately spring to mind. At least for me. When I think of Ibiza, Mallorca, and all those beautiful beaches of Spain...I always think of them as party destinations. This post, sponsored/co-written by Tots to Travel, will give you some reasons why you should bring your kids to these beautiful islands on your next family vacation!

As you probably know, I love to travel. I have visited many wonderful and exotic places growing up. While I have only faint recollection of most of my trips when I was young, I do remember bits and pieces that have influenced me growing up and contributed to my travel addiction today. I strongly believe that kids should travel and experience different cultures starting from a young age. I understand though that some destinations may be tough for kids. There are many things a young family has to consider when they choose their holiday destination. Choosing the wrong type of trip can end up being a total nightmare for the parents and kids.

The Balearic Islands is one of Tots to Travel Limited's top destinations for young families for these four reasons.


Good Temperatures
An archipelago off the coast of Eastern Spain, Balearic Islands includes the islands of Formentera, Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. They are known for their white sandy beaches and clear blue seas. They're also renowned for their sunshine and glorious climates. While the temperatures at some similar destinations peak at more than 40 degrees Celsius, the Balearic Islands rarely exceed 30. This is a much more manageable temperature for little ones, especially if it's their first vacation abroad.

Compact Size
While Majorca is the largest of the four, the Balearic Islands are relatively small. There's always something new to do within an easy reach of your hotel. Kids generally don't want to spend hours in a hot car or bus, so in theory, choosing a compact destination equals less travel and therefore happier children. It also means that there's always somewhere to eat or take a pit stop nearby, so you don't have to worry about your kids becoming dehydrated.


Friendly Destination
The Balearic Islands are generally popular with families. Resorts here host a range of activities for kids, meaning the adults get time to unwind. There is also a vast selection of family friendly restaurants, and you'll find that the locals tend to love children.

Rich Culture
The Balearic Islands have a long and fascinating history, with much to do and explore. While this little cluster of islands may be known for their beaches, this destination offers more than just a beach holiday. With the wide selection of museums, parks and castles, there is always something for you and your little ones to discover!


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  1. I have been to Balearic Islands for winter and had fun... I have visited entire Balearic Islands and I tries a dish from the Balearic Islands Sobrassada probably the most famous traditional product of Mallorca.. It is either sweet or spicy and can be eaten raw or cooked.


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