*Cuba: What to Know before You Go*

Havana buildings
Although Cuba is a popular travel destination for Canadians (especially in the winter), I still have yet to visit. For those of you who are planning to travel there for the first time, here is a short guide of what you need to know before you go. Of course I wouldn't be the right person to write this as I haven't even been myself, so this post is sponsored and written by Cuba Holidays, a UK-based travel agency with solid knowledge on everything Cuba-related!

Cuba is one of the most vibrant, fun and colourful countries in the entire world. It is also a country with a fascinating history and somewhere that not too many travel to, making it the perfect destination for a unique holiday. In order to make the most of your trip, there are a few important things to know about this northern Caribbean island, which has a fascinating history of Spanish colonialism, revolution and communism.

Cuba Cayo Guillermo
Entry/Exit Requirements: Cuban entry requirements will depend on your nationality, so be sure to check this well in advance of your trip.

Language: The official language of Cuba is Spanish, so you may want to learn a few key phrases before setting off. However, in Havana and a few other areas, it is relatively easy to get by in English.

Climate: Cuba has a tropical climate moderated by trade winds, which can make it gorgeous and sunny if you visit at the right time of year. The dry season runs from November to April, whilst the rainy season lasts May to October.

Money: There are two forms of currency used in Cuba; Convertibles and Pesos. Whilst this may sound complicated, non-Cubans deal almost exclusively in Convertibles and this will be the only form you need. Be sure to tip regularly for hotels, musicians, restaurants and taxis (1 Convertible is typically a good amount).

Havana Cuba

Havana: Cuba’s fascinating history can be seen and felt everywhere, but most notably in the vibrant capital city of Havana. Here, you will find crumbling Art Deco and Spanish colonial architecture, with old American vintage cars navigating the streets. Timeworn yet charming; first timers should spend the majority of their time in the capital as there is so much to see and do. A guided tour of the city in a vintage car is a magnificent way to get an overview of Havana whilst also getting your bearings, but also be sure to visit a rum factory and enjoy the many lively bars.

Outside of Havana: Outside of Havana, you can see Cuba’s stunning mountainous regions, vast countryside and beautiful white-sand beaches. There are many all-inclusive resorts, which are ideal for heading to after spending the majority of your holiday soaking up the unique atmosphere of Havana. Holiday organizers, including Cuba Holidays, can book thrilling experiences for you to enjoy everything that the island has to offer.

These are the key factors that you need to know before setting off for a Cuban adventure. A unique, timeworn, vibrant and colourful country; there is nowhere else quite like Cuba in the entire world.

*Images courtesy of: Shutterstock, International Traveller Magazine, "yakubovich" on Flickr*


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  1. Cuba has been on my bucket list for ever! But one step at a time... first, Toronto ;)


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