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Casa Loma
As I mentioned in a previous post, Anouk came to visit Toronto for a few days this week! We had a lot of fun. I showed her around some of my favourite places in the city and I got to be a tourist of my own city, visiting places I haven't been in years. Here is a quick post with a round up of photos from where we went as well as the previous week. I'll make separate posts later on for each place.

Casa Loma gardens
Today we went to Casa Loma! I haven't been here since I was young so I barely remembered anything. It felt as if I was visiting again for the first time. I really enjoyed it.

Cactus Club Toronto cocktails
Cactus Club prawn spaghettini
Dinner & drinks at Cactus Club

CN Tower 360 Restaurant
Dinner at CN Tower's 360 Restaurant

cocktail bar
An un-named cocktail bar we accidentally stumbled into (while searching for a different restaurant)

Toronto rainy view
Canoe Toronto tasting menu
Dinner at Canoe!

Dinner at Scaddabush. I'm aware most of this post consists of dinner posts so far lol. We came here the first night she arrived. It's one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Toronto. When I came back from Capri a few months ago, I developed quite an extreme obsession with Caprese salads (and Italian food). Scaddabush has the best Caprese Salads I've had from any restaurant in Toronto so far. I get it every single time I come, along with the penne bolognese. So good. We came here for dinner/Caprese Salads that night since the last we saw each other was in Capri.

Toronto Financial District
Evolution Food Co
kitchen cabinets
A couple months ago I was thinking of moving to a new place but I've since decided to renovate my place rather than move, since I love where I live and would rather be able to design my place exactly how I want it. This whole process is extremely long and involves quite a bit of effort though..I can't wait until everything is completed, which should be around the end of October (hopefully). Last week my dad & I visited some places to pick out the materials. Here are a few photos. I don't want to reveal too much though. I rather post the whole look when it's all done!

bathroom vanity
marble floor tiles



  1. Casa Loma is so nice. The last time I was there when I was so young too. Maybe it's time for a visit. It's so nice that Anouck visited Toronto. I hope she liked it and enjoyed the city.

    1. You should revisit..I'm glad I did!
      She did enjoy it here!

  2. Casa Loma looks absolutely stunning and how nice that you showed Anouk around

  3. Aw really? I actually haven't tried anything else there..I get the same two things every time lol. I would recommend the Caprese Salad for sure ;)
    Yea the main reason why I am renovating is because I want to have a full kitchen! That way I can cook and bake more

  4. It already seems so long ago! Yes, I had the most amazing time and I will remember this trip for ever. Just started with the first Toronto post of mine.

    1. Yea it does seem like so long ago already :( You should come visit again sometime! I'll go take a look now!


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