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Toronto pink sky
Hi everyone! Life has been really busy for me these days so I haven't had much time to update. I've been really busy organizing and packing up because I'm finally getting my renovations done soon! If you've followed me for the past few months..you'll know it has been a long process. I actually considered moving to a new place about one year ago exactly...then for a few months into the summer I had slowly looked at possible places. Eventually I wasn't able to find any I loved as much as my current place, so I decided it was better to do a full renovation instead. At first I had wanted to have the renovations take place during my few weeks in Asia last Fall but there were some complications..and now finally, they are set to start next week. I'm so excited but it's also extremely stressful. I'm renovating my entire place top to bottom and getting all new furnishings which I am excited for since I love interior design..but I'm also worried I won't be able to find everything I love in time. I'm quite picky lol. I spent hours already searching for the perfect kitchen sink..& that's only one of the many things I have to get! I'm also afraid the colours and materials I chose don't end up looking as nice as I envision in my mind. Well I guess anything will be an upgrade from the current state. Also it's hard to believe I already lived here for 8 years!! & its taken me this long to renovate..

So the past several days I've been really sick..I assume because of this extra stress lately. Rushing to get everything in order and packed up in time. I went to the clinic today and luckily I don't have a flu. It was just yesterday I felt really bad..my nose was runny, and I kept sneezing and coughing. Today I feel a lot better though but still recovering.

I've been doing a lot of packing the last couple nights. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (Instastory)..you can see the progress. I will blog about it as well in my next post. & I do plan on blogging about my renovations process extensively so be sure to check back! Also I still have a LOT of vacation photos from Asia left to post..which I'm actually also stressed about lol. I am worried I won't be able to get them all posted before my next vacation. I guess that is a good thing to stress about.

Here are some photos from my recent life. In the photo above is a view from my window. The sky was very pink that evening.

Benjamin Moore colours
Choosing my wall colour was a difficult decision since there were endless options..and many looked very similar to each other. It's also hard to figure out how it'd look just by a small swatch. I think I'll keep my final decision a secret for now though..I also chose my new floors which I'm super excited about!!

Chinese dinner
One of our Chinese New Year dinners! This was with my mom and sister. The food here was really good.

AISH Tanoor
AISH Tanoor
My friend brought me to an Israeli restaurant called AISH Tanoor..quite a far distance from my usual area lol. It was so good!! I don't think I've had this type of food before..if I did it was definitely not as much variety as we had that night. The owner gave us all those small dishes on the house. I ordered a chicken schnitzel (& Israeli salad). It was amazing!

Scaddabush Caprese Salad
Meeting a friend for lunch at the new(est) Scaddabush. This is one of my favourite Italian restaurants. I always get their Caprese Salad here. Last year when I got back from my trip to Capri, I developed an addition to Caprese salads so that's how I first discovered it at Scaddabush. Then I would get the small Caprese salad with a small pasta every time I went. This time, I decided to go for the large Caprese Salad instead without a pasta. This was what it was..I was quite surprised to see it was so small and probably just slightly larger than the small size. I was still hungry after that lol.

North Restaurant Thornhill
When I met my dad and sister for our next "Chinese New Year dinner", we decided to go for Persian food lol. Well it was my sister's idea. We went to North Restaurant in Thornhill. The food here was really good and I really loved their interior decor. It is designed to look like an outdoor village.

North Restaurant Thornhill eggplant
North Restaurant Thornhill Israeli salad
North Restaurant Thornhill
North Restaurant Thornhill
Excuse the mess on the table..I was trying to get a shot of the interiors

North Restaurant Thornhill
Art Gallery of Ontario
One night my friend & I decided to go to the art gallery. I haven't been here in yearssss. Strangely enough I rarely visit the galleries and museums in Toronto (I have been to them though) but I don't usually visit again/regularly. For the ROM I will go more this year though as I have a membership now. But when I travel I usually love going to art galleries and museums.

Art Gallery of Ontario
Art Gallery of Ontario
Art Gallery of Ontario
Art Gallery of Ontario
Cafe Crepe
Crepes and apple cider after the museum..yum!

Library Bar Royal York Hotel
Library Bar Royal York
Library Bar at the Royal York Hotel..our usual place for a nightcap.



  1. North restaurant is a really good place for Middle Eastern food :)

  2. Hope that you will share photos once your place has been renovated. Good luck with everything!

    1. Thanks! I will be posting lots from it!


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