561. Renovations | Part 1

leftbanked renos
My renovations officially started today! I had the most hectic, stressful yet fun week leading up to it though. Packing took me so long. I didn't realize I was such a hoarder lol. Well I had been living at my place now for 8.5 years already (time flies!) so I had accumulated a lot of stuff. In addition to the packing, I tried to see as many people (the ones I had wanted to) before I leave for a few weeks which would feel like forever lol.

In the photo above it maybe half of everything..which I am keeping at my dad's place for now. The other half is at my mom's. & during my renovations I am also staying here. For the next week I have to go furniture/appliance shopping because I have nothing left now. I had a junk removal company come yesterday to take literally everything except my desk which I actually really like. I also have to look for faucets and cabinet door handles which is my main priority for my kitchen and washroom. I think first I will go look for a new bed though or else I'd have nowhere to sleep lol. I am so excited but also stressed that I won't be able to find anything I like.

I had wanted to blog about my whole renos process but I was just too busy last week to post. Here are some photos I took of the packing process. It was actually nice to get rid of a lot of stuff and rediscover all my old stuff again:

paint tubes
Discovered a box of paint. I love art and used to paint a lot but never got the time to do it as a hobby. I ended up throwing these out because they were half dried out =\ I really want to start painting again someday.

louis vuitton boxes
Cleaning out some of my LV boxes! Hennessy also made a contribution.

My favourite toys...Daft Punk Bearbricks, a Union Jack Bearbrick and a couple balloon dogs! I want to get a 1000% Bearbrick for my newly renovated place.

louis vuitton coffee table books
LV coffee table books collection. Ended up not bringing these as they were suuuuper heavy and didn't even fit in my suitcase lol.

stock market books
My stock trading book collection

champagne boxes bottles
Champagne boxes/alcohol bottles/Pravda souvenirs collection. I used to save the nice bottles and boxes from our nights out lol. These bring back a lot of good memories..

leftbanked renos
library bar royal york
library bar dinner
Break #1 from packing..went to the Library Bar at Royal York again for dinner one night with my friend. This has become our new favourite place. It was also a fun night of people watching (in particular the old 88 year old woman sitting at the bar)..we heard all the conversations lol.

dior compact powder
This is how I'm such a hoarder. I used to use these Dior compact foundations exclusively..collected a lot over the years and saved all the empty cases. Now I got rid of them all..

leftbanked renos
Organizing and packing up by postcards collection. I used to collect them and have over 1000..I don't collect them anymore since I now take tons of photos when I visit each place. & Hennessy always comes and sits in front of anything I'm doing lol.

pomeranian yorkie
Break #2 from packing..meeting new friends (& dogs) from my building.

leftbanked renos
beer bistro salmon
beer bistro ice cream
Break #3 from packing..having my favourite salmon from Beer Bistro! Also tried this cookies & cream ice cream for dessert. I think they put a lot of beer in there because it tasted really strong of alcohol lol.

hennessy pomeranian
Yesterday after all my furniture was removed..we had nowhere to sit on except a duvet on the floor lol. So sad.

leftbanked renos
The last of my stuff. My sister came to help me back for a bit. I plan to go down sometime next week to check on my place to see how the progress is..so I'll post an update again then. So excited to see the final result!!!


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  1. Love the pic with the giant teddy! Hope your renovations will be over soon.


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