563. Renovations | Part 2

Decorium bed
The past couple of days has been very busy with furniture shopping, store after store! So much fun though yet equally as stressful. I LOVE interior decorating. I had a lot of fun going around getting new furniture back when we moved into our house many years ago..then when I moved to my current condo now I didn't get anything new as it came with everything (hotel style) and I was happy enough just having my own place. But now I am so excited to finally be giving it a complete makeover. I can't wait until it is all completed so I can have all my furniture that I ordered (and will be ordering) come together, and finally move back downtown. Here are some photos I took from the stores we visited. Some places didn't allow photos so I couldn't take them in there..and also I am not going to show anything I bought so far as I want it all to be a surprise. My colour scheme will be: grey, navy blue, white (marble effect), gold..and a pop of red ;)

So at first I wanted my kitchen to be the main focus and was planning to just get the best things for that area but now as I pick out every piece, I want everything to be unique. So many options. Also I realize I am very lucky to be able to do this (thanks to my parents helping out)!

At the moment, my place is being worked on and everything is ripped out. It's kind of hard to envision how the final result will be like as everything is completely new. I really hope it'll turn out as nice as I picture in my mind. I will head down to check up on the progress this week though..can't wait!

Here are some photos of the general style I'm going for, and just cool pieces I found in the stores.

washroom faucets
Suite 22
My favourite store so far where I loved almost EVERYTHING was Suite 22. But as expected it was also the most expensive. I didn't even start looking at the King East design stores yet (which I think are where the most unique designs are) but I know when I go..I will also want everything.

Suite 22
Kartell gnomes
Suite 22
Cool chair

Suite 22
Suite 22
If I didn't already pick out my rug, I'd probably want this one...

Suite 22
I want to get one of those huge mirrors..

Suite 22
blue velvet
Sneak peek of the first thing I ordered...

Some other random photos from this past week:

Daft Punk Bearbricks
Took these out to stage some shots when Snapchat released the Daft Punk filter.

green tea green smoothie
blueberry smoothie vitamix smoothie
Drinking excessive amounts of green tea and smoothies, in my mason jars

himalayan and pomeranian
My cat and dog getting along with each other. If you are new to my blog: my cat (Blueberry) is a Himalayan and lives at my dad's house. We've had him for about 15 years already! My dog (Hennessy) is a Pomeranian and lives with me. He would always bark at the cat when we came to visit but now they have learned to tolerate each other lol. After taking these photos I realized how I always seem to get super fluffy pets.

leftbanked snapchat leftbanked snapchat
I've been trying to keep up with doing yoga every day while here..hence the reason why I was wearing a sports bra here. Taking a selfie break. I love this filter! Wish I actually had cat eyes. (PS - feel free to add me on Snapchat: Leftbanked)



  1. That's so exciting! Definitely check out the furniture stores along King St. East.

    I can't wait to see your new place!!

  2. Your renovation project has inspired me to do some saving and redo my place as well at some point!


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