564. Renovations | Part 3

leftbanked renovations
Yesterday I went downtown to check on the progress of my renovations. At the moment, everything is ripped out already (except the washroom)..and they just did the painting yesterday. I had wanted my walls to be grey with white baseboards and accents (like the Dior stores colour palette)..I think mine turned out a bit more dark than I expected but that's ok. Seeing all the cement and everything made me so stressed out and anxious lol. I reallyyyyy can't wait until everything is completely done and I am fully moved back in again. At this point it feels like that day is so far away. I'm so impatient.

leftbanked renovations floors
Love my new German floors!

leftbanked renovations
1 King West salad
After that I stayed down at my lobby & lobby bar for lunch and to work for a few hours. I haven't hung out down there in years it seems. I should start going again..it was fun lol. Then I went out for a yoga session. Then went for dinner with my friend at Bar Verde in Nordstrom. Then came back to my building to meet a friend for awhile then left and came back to my mom's place uptown. Times like those makes me realize how I take living downtown for granted lol. The commute back and forth is so annoying. Well I just have to wait a few more weeks. My contractor said my floors should be done by middle of next week. Then I can start moving stuff back in. The bed I ordered should arrive the week after next. As for the rest of my furniture and appliances..hopefully I'll be able to finish buying everything next week.

Bar Verde Nordstrom
Miele appliances
Appliance shopping last week! Had a bit of an issue with my appliance requirements/specifications so I haven't purchased anything yet..but I have picked out a few things. Apparently I need to change some electrical wiring in my unit first so waiting now to get approval from management.

I really love that skinny Liebherr fridge..it has really nice handles. But so expensive :(


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