585. Recent Life

Toronto Financial District
I haven't done a "recent life" post in awhile so here is a big round up of photos taken recently! The weather in Toronto has been really weird lately. A lot of rain and a lot of drastically changing temperatures - extremely hot and humid one day then rainy and cold the next (like in the photo above). I really like this shot.

national geographic
rainbow bagel
A couple of Snapchat snaps (username: leftbanked). Last weekend, me and one of my friends from my building, went to our gym here for the first time. We got an unofficial trainer/friend to help us with our work outs. We were so slow the first time we were there for literally 2.5 hours (not because we did a lot - just because we were slow hahah). Then we felt sore for days after. I do quite a bit of yoga these days but haven't worked out with weights in years. But I am starting to really like going there now. I've gone a few times since then..I can't believe I've lived here for 8 years and I'm only now starting to use the gym!! I wish we had a larger gym though with more machines.

blue cocktail
If you've been following my blog long enough..you'll remember my signature blue drink (Hpnotiq!) Unfortunately this wasn't Hpnotiq but it looked exactly like it.

earls salmon
Dinner on the Earls patio last night. We all ordered the salmon lol. I really liked the regular salmon dish I got last time and this time I decided to try it with sushi as a side..which I kind of regretted. It wasn't that good but I should've expected that.

whale measuring spoons
A souvenir my sister brought back for me..I love them! I love whales :)

alec monopoly toronto
Alec Monopoly in Toronto!

Kennys Crumbs
These are amazing..I definitely recommend them if you see them in a store

Dinner at Japango with my mom and sister

Berczy Park
Our new neighbourhood park with a beautiful new dog fountain

apple crumble
L Tower Toronto
leftbanked outfit
shrimp scampi
bgood salad
shrimp and veggies
salmon and asparagus
leftbanked hennessy
(My friend wanted to remain anonymous lol)

oretta toronto
Catching up with an old friend at Oretta

oretta restaurant
oretta toronto
For my main, I ordered a margherita pizza but the pic didn't come out that well so I won't be posting that. It was a great night. I really enjoy catching up with friends I haven't seen in a long time. The restaurant was beautiful inside. They serve mostly Italian food..to be honest it wasn't the best I had, but I really liked the ambiance in the restaurant. Recently for every Italian restaurant I go, I always get the Margherita Pizza so I can compare them at different places lol. So far my favourite is still the one from Gusto 101..then Pizzeria Libretto.

oretta king west
oretta dessert
woodbine beach



  1. Next time I'm in Toronto we have to go to Oretta. It looks like an amazing place! So convenient that you have a gym in your building. I used to have a treadmill and still have weights at home but I prefer to drive to gym in another village...

    1. Yes you would love it!
      Yea it's way more motivating to work out away from the home I find


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