593. Rockies Roadtrip | Day 8 - Cactus & Miku

leftbanked seawall
This morning, we took a loooong walk along the Seawall again (for me it was the 2nd time and for my friends it was their first). We walked all the way to English Bay for lunch then the rest of the day we proceeded to eat and drink through the day. Definitely indulging ourselves a bit too much lol. This trip has been really fun so far. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's adventures..

Cactus Club English Bay Sangria
I'm going to miss all this beautiful weather, patios for every meal and sipping on cocktails beside the ocean when I leave. Even if we were not out on a patio, we still had a beautiful view of the water for every meal.

Cactus Club prawn spaghattini
Cactus Club cocktails
After the Cactus Club on English Bay, we started walking back to the hotel when we passed by another Cactus Club and couldn't resist going in for another drink. I had the bellini (my favourite)..Anouk and Dan had the Frose. This pic looks like a Mickey Mouse head lol. This Cactus Club was on Robson Street and we all agreed the other ones we visited were a lot better. The servers here gave us the wrong receipt twice..plus the atmosphere in there wasn't as great.

Bella Gelateria
Then we went again to Bella Gelateria (Awarded best gelato in the world - literally. They've won the competition held in Florence) There's always a HUGE lineup here. Once again I got the matcha green tea one. So delicious. I was so full by that time and slipped into a food coma..but didn't feel as bad about it due to all the walking we did today (21km).

Miku smoked salmon
Then we went back to the hotel to rest (well, I had to work) for a couple of hours before heading back out to dinner at Miku. I was recommended this place by a few people so I was curious to try. The restaurant is beautiful and everything is so nicely presented. We had a table right beside the water again. I really enjoyed it. Will have to try Toronto's Miku when I get back.

Miku Vancouver
Miku matcha dessert


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