583. Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day Fireworks Toronto
Happy Canada Day!!! I realized today that I never fully celebrated a Canada Day before. I love my country and I feel I am patriotic, but I always try to avoid big holidays because I don't like huge crowds. Today was different though..I was out almost the entire day and had such an amazing time.

It seems as if all of Toronto went to the harbourfront today. That giant rubber duck arrived on our lake so I guess it attracted more people. I never experienced the area quite so busy before. It rained on and off for a bit but stopped by the evening which was great because we got to see the fireworks! The forecast had actually predicted thunderstorms and I was so glad they were wrong about it, as usual. So far this weekend I did the exact opposite of what I talked about in my previous post (about no new friends lol). I went for a walk around the harbour with a new friend and it was super packed. We wanted to go somewhere for a drink but the wait was like 2 hours..so we ended up just walking around..then it started pouring rain so we went into Pawsway to watch a dog show. Then I came back home. At that point I was feeling so tired and almost decided to just stay in for the rest of the night.

Luckily I didn't and ended up going out with my friend and some new friends we just met to watch the fireworks by the CN Tower (see photo above). After that we just walked around and made our way to the harbour again in time to catch a bit of another fireworks show (this one was even more amazing). We just continued walking around and trying to decide where to go next. The amount of people and cars/traffic was crazy. We decided it was best not to take a cab and just walk somewhere...so in the end we went to Earls for some drinks and food. & that was my Canada Day!

Here is the Canada Day decor in my lobby. They also had a plate of Canada cupcakes which I resisted:

Canada Day Toronto
Toronto Fireworks CN Tower
Toronto rubber duck
The world's largest rubber duck, which cost the city ~$200k. I remember seeing this in Hong Kong (in photos only). I think it would be nicer if it was on the middle of the lake to look like it was swimming.

Royal York Hotel Canada Day


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  1. Looks like an amazing celebration. Wish I could have been there!


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