594. Rockies Roadtrip | Day 9 - Victoria Seaplane & Whale Watching

Harbour Air Victoria
I missed yesterday's post since we got back extremely late (much later than expected) from Victoria, so I was too exhausted and had no time to blog. So for the time being..I am a day behind with the posts. Currently in Whistler as I type this.
Yesterday we went to Victoria. We had booked a Harbour Air seaplane to fly there (~30min flight)..I really enjoyed it. The first few min of takeoff were so exhilarating. The views were amazing..& it was an experience I've never had before. I couldn't stop taking pictures and videos.

Harbour Air Pilot
Seaplane to Victoria
Victoria BC
Victoria Old Town
Then we went straight for lunch then a quick walk around the old town. It's so beautiful there. The weather was amazing (as it is every day here - thankfully) and there were a lot of beautiful flowers everywhere, and everything was so colourful.

Victoria port
Victoria Old Town
Victoria Old Town
Victoria Old Town
Prince of Whales whale watching
Afterwards, we went whale watching!! I was super excited for this even before we came on the trip..I love whales. I had never gone whale watching before. I wasn't too impressed with the experience though. It was nice but I wasn't amazed..unfortunately we didn't see any orcas but we did see one humpback whale as it came up and down a few times for air. I tried to take as many photos as possible but didn't get any good or clear ones really. These were the best I shot. The boat ride was pretty uncomfortable as it was EXTREMELY windy. & freezing. We were all wrapped up in blankets, and some with wool hats and gloves too. At one point, the waves were big and as the boat rocked, I got splashed and soaked with water. Took awhile to dry and warm back up lol.

Prince of Whales humpback whale
Prince of Whales whale watching
Prince of Whales whale watching
Then to see the sea lions, sunbathing on rocks.

BC lighthouse
Vancouver Island sunset


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  1. Appreciate the recommendation. Will tryy it out.


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