586. Rockies Roadtrip | Day 1 (of 20) - YYZ to YVR

view from the plane
I'm currently in Vancouver!! I'm sooo tired right now though (not sure why - I doubt it's jetlag since the time difference is only 3 hours with Toronto) so this will be a quick and brief post. I arrived earlier this evening and came to my aunt's place. I will be staying with her for a few days and seeing relatives/friends until Anouk and Dan arrive for the actual roadtrip. (When I left Toronto, it was pouring rain. Now in Vancouver the weather is perfect; sunny, warm and no humidity. The plane ride over was pretty nice. I loved the view flying over all the States like Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, etc. It was interesting to see the changing landscapes from the plane. I spent most of the flight looking out the window and snapping pics. I will be posting my experiences on Instagram and Snapchat so follow me on there (@leftbanked) if you want! I will also try my best to do daily blog posts.

Minnesota view from the plane
Minnesota - perfect squares

South Dakota view from the plane
South Dakota - at first I thought it was the desert but I guess it's grasslands/prairies..

view from the plane Montana
Montana - my favourite! I want to go here so badly. Lots of mountains and beautiful landscapes

view from the plane Montana
Montana view from the plane
view from the plane Montana
view from the plane Montana
I really want to do a roadtrip all across the US someday

WestJet to Vancouver
& finally, arriving in Vancouver...more to come tomorrow!


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