663. Day 10 of 28 | First Day in Barcelona

Barcelona brunch
We arrived in Barcelona early morning, thanks to a 7am flight from La Coruna. Our hotel for the three nights was the "Emma" by Room Mate Hotels, a boutique hotel very centrally located in the city. They kindly allowed us an early check in. The staff were super friendly and helpful. I will do a more extensive review of the stay in a future post.

After dropping our stuff off, we headed out in search of some food. We ended up at a place called Brunch and Cake. Everything was so nicely presented but the taste wasn't as good.

Emma Hotel Barcelona
Then we began our long walk down to the water - to the W Hotel, our final destination. It was a SUPER hot day but at least it was sun and not thunderstorms (as the forecast predicted), and there was a lot of beautiful architecture along the way. We saw a few buildings by Gaudi including the famous Casa Batllo:

Casa Batllo
Barcelona architecture Loewe
Barcelona Cathedral
We visited Barcelona Cathedral and walked around the Gothic Quarter. Then had tapas for lunch:

Barcelona tapas
Then continued on our way. By this time, it was extremely hot.

Barcelona beach
There were a LOT of street vendors around this area. Like a couple kilometres just lined with them, selling everything from fake designer bags to shoes, clothing, magnets, souvenirs, etc.

W Hotel Barcelona
Finally making our way to the beach, and to the W Hotel where we shared a pitcher of sangria:

W Hotel Barcelona
Barcelona restaurant
Then we took a cab back to our hotel's area and had dinner at this Italian restaurant. The portions were super large.

And that was day 1 in Barcelona! As I am updating this, we are currently in Pisa (after visiting Malta after Barcelona). I really need to get back on track with these "daily updates" lol. Our trip is going by too fast..


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