660. Day 5 of 28 | Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela
Hello from Spain! It has been a very busy few days (in terms of sightseeing, and work..) so I haven't had the time to keep up with my daily posts. I am having the best time in Spain so far though. I have been to many other countries in Europe but this is my first ever time in Spain. I am glad that I've never visited until now though. We are currently in La Coruna which is my boyfriend's hometown, so it's nice to be shown around by him and his family. Everything we saw so far was very beautiful. On the first day, we visited Santiago de Compostela which was about 45min away. It's a very old/UNESCO town and a popular pilgrimage route for Catholics. I really loved all the streets and architecture.

Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela
pistachio ice cream
Santiago de Compostela
Santiago Cathedral
leftbanked Santiago despacito


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