658. Eurotrip Day 3 of 28 | Shopping and Nobu

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Today was a good day. I had a pretty productive morning work session. Then I had a successful shopping trip. Then a delicious dinner at Nobu. It's my final night in London. Tomorrow night I fly to Spain..I am really excited to see my boyfriend again. We've only been apart a few days but it feels like way longer hahah. I feel I didn't do as much in London this time..but it was nice to catch up with Anouk. I'm really looking forward to the rest of my trip.

Le Pain Quotidien
There is a Le Pain Quotidien right beside my hotel so I went there for breakfast and a few hours of work this morning. It was definitely the most enjoyable "work breakfast" I ever had. I really liked the atmosphere there and the staff were really nice. & I loved the porridge!

Then shopping at Selfridges!

VAT refund
Fendi ice cream
There was this Fendi pop-up in Selfridges. I got a hazelnut gelato popsicle. It was sooo delicious.

Stella McCartney Adidas
Then I went to the Adidas store across the street, not planning to really get anything (since I was just in the Toronto store recently and didn't find anything I liked). I loved it here! The selection is so much better than in Toronto (as with most stores lol) and I found so many things I wanted. A lot of the designs I've never even seen. I bought these things here, except the pale pink tshirt. The fit resembled a wet suit too much. Just when I thought my Stellasport/Stella McCartney Adidas phase was over lol.

After that I rushed back to my hotel to drop everything off before going to meet Anouk for a quick drink prior to our dinner.

Nobu London Park Lane
Then dinner at Nobu! It was my first time here. The food was all really good. I over-ordered though, as usual, and left feeling really full. I will make a separate post dedicated to this dinner in the future.


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