662. Days 7, 8, 9 of 28 | Final Days in La Coruna

La Coruna beach
We are currently in Barcelona! Our trip is going by way too fast though. I am having the best time and enjoying every moment. This was actually our second day in Barcelona..so far we've walked a lot around the city and just been exploring. Tomorrow we will go to Park Guell which I am very excited about, and Sagrada Familia. I'm unable to keep up with daily posts on here these days so I'm going to have to start combining days lol. Here are some photos from our final days in La Coruna. I'm so glad every day there was hot and sunny.

La Coruna
La Coruna
leftbanked La Coruna
La Coruna
La Coruna
Estrella Galicia
Pandelino breakfast
La Coruna beaches
Coruna beaches
The colour of the water was too beautiful..I couldn't stop taking pics!

Tower of Hercules
Visiting the Tower of Hercules.

la coruna
menhires coruna
lighthouse staircase
Climbed a few hundred steps to get to the top..

black rice
leftbanked La Coruna
leftbanked despacito


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