657. Eurotrip Day 2 of 28 | Buckingham Palace

hotel breakfast
Today was a really rainy (and cold) day here in London. I started off having breakfast at my hotel. Then I worked for a bit before heading to lunch to meet with Anouk. It was our first time seeing each other again since she came to visit Toronto in April this year. After that we went for a tour inside the state rooms of Buckingham Place. I REALLY wish we could've taken photos inside because it was so ornate and beautiful. But unfortunately it was strictly prohibited so all I have from the tour is this:

Buckingham Palace ticket
You have to purchase timed tickets in advance. Even though ours was for 2:15pm, we ended up finally getting in around 2:45pm. There was a lot of people and everyone has to go through security check. & I think we finished around 3:20pm..so the line to get in was pretty much the same amount of time we spent actually inside lol. Then we went to visit the gift shop and probably spent even more time in there.

Then we went to walk around Harrods for awhile. On my previous trips to London, I literally came to Harrods every day and ate a lot of meals at their restaurants. So it felt really familiar to me. I didn't buy anything though. I don't have any particular (major) thing I want to buy on this trip..tomorrow I'll walk around some clothing stores and see if I can find anything.

Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Cafe
Then a late lunch/early dinner at Harvey Nichols' Fifth Floor Cafe. I got a sea bass. It was delicious!!

After the meal Anouk and I parted ways. I had the most annoying time getting back to my hotel. I was going to take the tube back to save time (since I had a lot of work emails waiting for me) rather than walk (which would've taken maybe 35min). The tube was extremely hot and super crowded. I don't think I've ever been on anything as packed. So I got out a couple stops before mine to walk the rest of the way. I was also pretty nervous being in such a crowded space so I wanted to get out. I ended up walking the wrong way since my GPS was completely unreliable and nearly ended up where I started (where I first got in the tube). So I had to walk back and by that time I was already pretty exhausted so I went to a cafe to rest and try to catch up on my work via their wifi/on my phone. But it was a super slow connection so that didn't work out so well.

Anyways, I eventually made it back. Had an issue with my room key (had to go up and down a few times for them to fix it) then grabbed my laptop and went out again to eat while catching up on work.

Penhaligons Windows
Oxford Circus Station


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