677. Day 27 + 28 | Final Days: Athens to London to Toronto

Little Kook Athens
This is the last post of our summer trip around Europe (finally)! Unfortunately I failed at doing daily posts during the trip. However I will try my hardest to do it for our upcoming trip which is already coming up very soon - next week to be precise. I will talk more about that in my next post though.

On the final day of our trip, we came back to Athens from Santorini. We took a ferry over and I felt super sick the entire time. Due to the seasickness and extreme heat, we decided against going up the Acropolis. So we just spent the day walking around, eating and relaxing.

We stayed at the Andronis Athens Hotel which was located beside this place in the photo above. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to check it out though.

Our hotel was really nice:

Andronis Athens Hotel
Andronis Athens Hotel
Andronis Athens Hotel
Andronis Athens Hotel
Andronis Athens breakfast
Athens graffiti
Athens has a LOT of graffiti.

Athens ice cream
Athens ice cream waffle
Athens restaurant
For dinner we went to this place close to our hotel. I forgot the name of it though. We waited an extremely long time for our food to come (a bit over an hour). We wanted to just leave but ended up waiting long enough for it to finally arrive. I got a fish and it was probably my favourite fish dish I've ever had in my life! It was really delicious. I guess that kind of made up for the wait lol. It was pretty dark so I didn't take photos of it though.

Athens dinner

Athens dinner
sweet potato breakfast
The final day of our trip is a bit of a blur to me. We went from Athens to London, then stayed overnight at the airport hotel (in Gatwick Airport)..then back to Toronto. Now I am finally done these "daily posts" of the trip. I still have a ton of random photos left to post though which I will do gradually in the next months hahah..


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