678. "Recent" Life | September and October 2018

leftbanked despacito
Now that I've FINALLY posted all the "daily" posts from our summer vacation, I can get back to these recent life posts hahah. Although I can't say most of the photos are exactly as recent anymore. This will be a summary of September and October. In the next post I'll do November. Then it will be daily posts from our winter vacation that we are leaving for in just a few days!! We will first fly to Iceland and spend several days there. Then we go to Spain to spend Christmas with my boyfriend's family. Then for new year's we will go to Amsterdam.

In the photo above are all the different cities we went during our summer trip. I love these polaroid shots. Can't wait to add a few more to the collection with this upcoming trip :)

souvenirs from Europe
Some souvenirs from our summer trip..the best trip I've ever been on!

leftbanked outfit
An outfit I bought in Athens.

white sangria
Back in Toronto when it was still summer..drinking sangrias on the patio.

louis vuitton exhibit Toronto
despacito hennessy
Miku Toronto
A dinner at Miku.

Miku Toronto
I can't remember the name of this restaurant unfortunately :( I just remember it was a small and cozy French restaurant. We had a 5-course tasting menu.

seafood bouillabaisse
On Thanksgiving weekend, we went to my dad's house for dinner and to stay the night. They were dog-sitting this English Bulldog. She was so happy and active. We went for a walk in this forest close by.

Wonderland Halloween
Then at night we went to Wonderland's "Halloween Haunt". It was my first time going. I really loved it!

dim sum Toronto
Cluny Toronto
Dinner at Cluny Bistro

Le Select Bistro
Our anniversary dinner at Le Select Bistro

leftbanked outfit
One Restaurant Toronto
Dinner at One

dbar Toronto cocktails
d|bar at the Four Seasons

leftbanked outfit Agent Provocateur
dim sum lobster
Don Alfonso Toronto
Dinner at Don Alfonson

Don Alfonso Toronto
leftbanked outfit
Ricardas Toronto
Dinner at Ricarda's. I really loved this place!

Ricardas Toronto
Ricardas Toronto
Ricardas dessert
leftbanked outfit black and white
Shangri La Toronto Lobby Bar
At the Shangri-La lobby bar

Riverdale farm
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Cafe Landwer
Beginning my obsession with Cafe Landwer and their shakshukas.

Cafe Landwer
La Banane
Leftbanked home
Hennessy Leftbanked

I know sometimes I get behind on my recent life posts but not months behind hahha. It was nice to go back through all the photos and remember those days/moments though. That's mainly the reason why I enjoy blogging (over a longer term). November post to come in the next few days!


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