680. Europe in Winter | Day 1: Arriving in Reyjavik

Louis Vuitton passport
Today was the first day of our trip. Our flight from Toronto to Reykjavik was in the evening and I spent the previous hours of the day frantically doing last minute packing, work, etc. I always underestimate the time it takes me to do these things.

So we went to the airport and found out our check-in bag was 5kg overweight. We were flying with WOW Air (really bad experience with them so far already.. Will explain this in another post) & for the extra weight they were going to charge $100. We also had some items to bring as carry on but they charge for that as well. So with all the charges we ended up buying a new suitcase from the airport, transferring some things from bag #1 to new bag #2.. As well as some of our carry-on items. In the end we ended up paying for the extra check-in bag ($80) plus an overpriced suitcase. I guess that's what happens when you fly with low cost airlines hahah.

Anyways. The flight was pretty bad for me. It was extremely hot inside and I felt they didn't have enough air. During the landing, I got an extreme piercing headache due to the rapid altitude decline and change in pressure. I don't think I ever experienced it before.. Or not in a long time. We landed at 4:45am (middle of the night!) Reykjavik time. So we came to the hotel and had to wait a few hours until we can get early check in.

Now it's 9am as I'm typing this in bed. Trying to get a few hours of sleep and recover. Apparently the sun rises at 11am here (& sunset is around 3pm!). Hopefully the next few days will get better.. & that the weather forecast is wrong since it's saying it will rain for the next several days =\

view from the plane
Reykjavik Hotel



  1. I might be flying with WOW Air next year... curious to know what purse/bag you took on as your Personal item and Carry-on item? I have a bag that's similar to the Givenchy Antigona Medium (13.4 X 11.4 X 7.5") which looks big as a Personal item, but pretty lightweight. How strict were they around the size of items you could bring with you on the plane?

    1. The sizes are standard as with what the other airlines allow though (but you just have to pay extra for the carry on). The Givenchy will be ok. I brought my LV Alma MM


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