684. KEF to BCN to LCG (& our experience with WOW Air)

Sandholt Reykjavik
We are currently sitting at the airport in Barcelona. It's now 5pm and we've been here since 8:30am this morning. The last couple days consisted of waiting at airports for our flights. So in the beginning when we made our bookings, we booked WOW Air to depart Reykjavik early morning to arrive in Barcelona at noon. Then our next flight to La Coruna would be around 3pm. It was the ideal flight schedule.

Then a couple weeks ago we received notice from WOW Air that our flight to Barcelona got delayed. Well it got 'delayed' until the following day (roughly 19 hours after our originally scheduled departure!) and they would not tell me what the reason was. Our new departure time would be 3am in the morning to arrive in Barcelona at 8:30am. Then here in Barcelona there was no 3pm flight available for La Coruna anymore so we now have to take the 8pm flight. Meaning 12 hours stuck at the airport. We also had to pay extra for the flight change to La Coruna as we needed to reschedule it to the following day. It was a very frustrating experience and as a first time customer of them, not a good impression of WOW Air at all. Our entire schedule these days got messed up and we also had to pay extra to accommodate the changes with the other airline. With no compensation from WOW. I guess this is what happens with low-cost airlines lol however with their ridiculous fees for luggage it ends up not being very low cost at all (extra ~$150 per check-in and carry-on bag).

So on our final day in Reykjavik yesterday, we just spent the day around the city before heading to the airport around midnight. Every day for breakfast we went to a bakery cafe called Sandholt. Yesterday I got this spätzle. It was delicious!!

The sky finally cleared up and we were finally able to take some nice shots by the water.

Joe and the Juice
Then we went to Joe & The Juice to work for a few hours.

Kaffi Loki Reykjavik
At night we decided to go back to Kaffi Loki where we had gone a few days before. We both had our favourite meals of the trip here. I got the "Fish of the Day" both times which was steamed codfish, sweet potatoes and salad. My boyfriend had the mashed fish. The portions are very large. I would recommend this place if you visit Reykjavik. They are located directly in front of Hallgrímskirkja Church.


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