823. Chiang Mai Part 4 | Last Day

Chiang Mai street
Today is already our last day here in Chiang Mai. I'm really behind on my posts of course..I still have some left from Koh Samui left lol. Maybe in Bangkok I'll be able to catch up a bit and then I can go back to "daily posts"..or at least more recently updated posts. Keeping up with a travel blog while full time travelling and full time working is not easy. Tomorrow morning our driver will pick us up to begin our week-long roadtrip down to Bangkok. As with every place before, I will miss this city/our daily routine here..Anyways here are some more photos from around the city!

Chiang Mai moatThe old city part of Chiang Mai is surrounded by this moat with sections of the old wall still faily intact

durians Chiang Mai trees The trees here are really cool with some crazy roots/trunks. I wonder how old they must be..

Chiang Mai street food Chiang Mai street food Chiang Mai street Chiang Mai old city Chiang Mai fruits Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Chiang MaiNeighbourhood laundry machines

Graph Contemporary Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai has a LOT of coffee shops. Graph is a very unique one. I've posted about them in a previous post if you remember. They do mixed drinks all containing coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker at all but I do like their "Monochrome" drink. They have several locations around the city. This one is their largest one I believe..it's like a gallery/loft space. Very beautifully designed!

Graph Contemporary Chiang Mai Graph Contemporary Chiang Mai Graph Coffee Monochrome Graph Coffee Lost Garden Graph Coffee Contemporary Graph Coffee Contemporary Graph Coffee Contemporary Bella Goose Chiang Mai
Bella Goose, our breakfast place. We've been coming here pretty much every day now for breakfast while working on our laptops. This place is frequented by all expats and tourists.

chiang mai tuk tuk
First tuk tuk ride of Thailand. I just wanted to try it once but it was not really enjoyable. I really loved the tuk tuks in Iquitos as it felt like a more authentic experience. Here it just felt like a tourist activity.

Chiang Mai street food
This old couple has a food stall right beside the building we're staying (Astra Condo). They are so nice and friendly. We have dinner here most of the time now. I will miss them when we leave!

street food chiang maiSo cute they even have a photo of themselves on the menu. If you are wondering about the price..50 THB is only $2 CAD!


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