821. Chiang Mai Part 2 | Temples & Airniversary

Chiang Mai temple
Time is passing by very fast as usual. I can't believe we are already down to our last 10 days here in Chiang Mai. Last weekend we had a short road trip around the Northern parts of the country (around Pai and Mae Hong Son). The scenery was amazing and I really enjoyed the little villages along the way. I will post more about that in a future post.

For now, here are some more random photos from around Chiang Mai. This temple is my favourite here. It is called Wat Chedi Luang, estimated to be built between 1385-1402. I guess it's not extremely old but to me it looks quite ancient. Sitting atop each of the 4 sides is a large buddha.

Chiang Mai monk Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai temple Thailand temples Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai men only temple Chiang Mai Chiang Mai temple Airniversary Chiang Mai
This cafe/restaurant is called Airniversary. We've been here a few times to eat and read our books in their treehouse upstairs. It's a pretty uniquely decorated place. They have 3 different floors so it's pretty big, but we are always the only ones there (a common theme of COVID).

Airniversary Chiang MaiHere is the second floor

Airniversary Chiang MaiThe treehouse at the top

noodle soup fresh coconut Chiang Mai massage ex prisoners
One thing I noticed here is there are a LOT of massage parlors who employ ex (and current) prisoners. They do make it a known fact though, such as this one above and also below. This one is decorated to look like it's a fun place to be (they even have a photo sign "Welcome to Prison" lol)

Chiang Mai prisoner massage Chiang Mai prisoner massage Goji cafe french toast Chiang Mai Graph Coffee
This coffee chain, Graph Coffee, was really good. They only serve coffee but mixed with a lot of unconventional ingredients. It was like coffee cocktails (without alcohol). I actually never drink coffee and this was the first time I've ever ordered one for myself lol. It was really good.

Graph Coffee Graph Coffee


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