822. Chiang Mai Part 3 | Snapshots

Wat Inthakin Chiang Mai
So now we are down to our last few days in Chiang Mai. We will leave later this week and have a roadtrip planned with our driver to visit Chiang Rai (just in time as COVID restrictions have recently been lifted), Lampang, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya then back to Bangkok where we will stay for about a month again. I'm most excited for Sukhothai and Ayutthaya..I love UNESCO historical places.

Here are some more random photos taken around Chiang Mai.

Wat Inthakin Wat Inthakin Fern Forest Cafe Chiang MaiA beautiful cafe named Fern Forest Cafe. We sat in the garden outside but they also have a beautiful interior:

Fern Forest Cafe Fern Forest Cafe fish
There was also a pond with the largest koi fish I've ever seen! They had some fish food there so we could feed the fish as well (fish feeding is a very popular activity around Thailand I noticed)

Fern Forest Cafe fish Fern Forest Cafe fish Fern Forest Cafe Fern Forest Cafe Chiang Mai ants
We first learned this (the hard way) in Koh Samui that ants are literally everywhere in Thailand and if you leave something out for even half an hour, this happens (look closely)! In Koh Samui, I would buy dog treats to give to street dogs. We stayed in a house and one night I left a bag open..the following morning the bag was FULL of ants with a huge line of them coming and going. It was so disgusting.

Chiang Mai Chiang Mai covid night market
I think this is a popular night market here in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately now it looks like this (thanks to COVID). We have not been able to experience any night markets here yet which is a shame as I think Chiang Mai usually has a lot.

Chiang Mai view The view from our building's rooftop

Chiang Mai view Chiang Mai Central Festival Chiang Mai motorbike parkingA mall's motorbike parking lot

Chiang Mai Central Festival Chiang Mai Central Festival Chiang Mai Central Festival Wawee Coffee Origins Lewis Dartnell
Origins by Lewis Dartnell. It's super interesting and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. I would recommend if you like Sapiens/Homo Deus as well. It talks about how the physical earth shaped our history and how we live; how humans evolved and society came to be the way it is today.

pantone cc double oMy new outfits! Love Pantone.


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