820. Chiang Mai Part 1 | Snapshots

Chiang Mai temple
Finally here is my first post on Chiang Mai! We've been here for a couple weeks now. Here we mostly walk around the old city (a 1.5km square surrounded by a moat) and visit the temples. Apparently there are around 300 temples in Chiang Mai - it's common to come across a new one every block.

This is a charming and cozy place, quite different from the chaos of Bangkok. It's difficult to describe why it feels so different because there are a lot of similar scenes as well. Here it is more laid back. Compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai seems to be hit way harder by COVID. Many businesses are shut down including the popular night markets. At least in Bangkok they have a much larger local population to continue events and many businesses. So unfortunately we are unable to have the full experience in Chiang Mai but I still enjoy it. I also like all the cafes here. Chiang Mai is pretty known for their cafe culture.

This weekend we are visiting Pai! A very unique town a few hours drive away. I am a bit nervous about the drive there as the road contains 760+ turns on mountain roads (and I get motion sickness very easily) but very excited to visit as it a super picturesque and beautiful place.

Here are some random photos taken around Chiang Mai during our weeks here.

Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai trees The trees here look ancient and very cool.

Chiang Mai trees Chiang Mai temple door Louis Vuitton alma bb Goji Cafe Chiang Mai Goji cafe Chiang Mai Goji cafe Chiang MaiLOVE this cafe!! It's one of the breakfast places we go. Their smoothie bowls are amazing.

Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai temple bridge Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai despacitoFeeding the fish

fish feeding Chiang Mai temple bridge Chiang Mai temple bridge Chiang Mai temple buddha Chiang Mai temple buddha Chiang Mai temple Chiang Mai old city Chiang Mai old city moat Chiang Mai chinatown Chiang Mai temple


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