824. The Road to Pai | Day 1 (& travel update!)

Pai Thailand
I'm currently in Bangkok as I make this post. We arrived here a few days ago and planning to stay for a month again. As you may know, we've been in Chiang Mai the last month. As luck would have it, Bangkok decided to announce new restrictions literally the day after our arrival. We are now in a semi-lockdown. :( The main thing that affects us is that all restaurants/cafes cannot offer dine-in service anymore, only takeout and delivery. This is very unfortunate and inconvenient for us as we usually go to cafes each day to work on our laptops (or to read). I am way more productive that way. Also when we are out exploring the city, we have to eat as well meaning without dine-in service, we can't really do that. The way takeout orders are packaged, lack of seating and the extremely hot temperatures makes it impossible for anyone to really eat outdoors. They still allow malls to remain open (though all seating is taken away), gyms, pools, parks etc. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't so hot though - there's only so much time we can handle being outdoors in a day without anywhere to sit/eat/drink. This is very detrimental to businesses as well (on top of their current struggles with the lack of tourists)..I think it would make more sense if they allow 50% capacity or something.

When this happened back in Toronto, I didn't mind it as much (at all) since I lived there but it's a different case when you're "on vacation". We are currently in Bangkok for 1 month and these restrictions will last for 30 days so pretty much our entire stay lol. It would have been better to remain in Chiang Mai (or have chosen another destination) but now it's too late. I will not complain too much though as we have been pretty lucky with all the previous places visited this trip up until mow.

Anyways maybe now I will have more time to catch up on my blog posts. While in Chiang Mai we did a roadtrip one weekend to visit Pai/do the Mae Hong Son loop. Then to go from Chiang Mai to Bangkok where we are now..we did another week-long roadtrip with several stops along the way. I really loved both roadtrips. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery along the way, many unique sites and rural mountain villages. Northern Thailand is really beautiful. I feel most people visit Bangkok or the islands when they come to Thailand, but I would definitely recommend exploring the north as well.

The journey from Chiang Mai to Pai is super mountainous and consists of over 700 turns. Some very sharp turns and on extremely steep hills. It's very scenic but not fun if you have motion sickness. I get motion sickness SUPER easily so this time I decided to take motion sickness pills as I wanted to enjoy the ride. Luckily it worked and I felt ok the entire journey there. I really enjoyed the drive there. It's one of those times when the journey is equally as nice as the destination.

Chiang Mai cafeA very beautiful cafe as we left Chiang Mai. It was like a garden. Very peaceful and relaxing.

Chiang Mai cafe Mae Hong Son Loop Pai Thailand Mae Hong Son Loop
A witch-themed cafe along the way. Chiang Mai/Northern Thailand has a lot of cafes, many with cool themes and designs. I think spending a month there got me really into cafes so that's why I'm extra annoyed by the closure of them in Bangkok. I was really looking forward to visiting different ones here.

Mae Hong Son Loop Pai Thailand Pai Memorial Bridge WWII Memorial Bridge

Pai CanyonPai Canyon

Pai Canyon leftbanked despacito Pai Canyon Pai CanyonThis part was quite terrifying

Pai Thailand Pai Thailand Pai Thailand landscape Pai Thailand Pai Thailand Pai Thailand Pai Thailand Pai yellow house Thailand Pai Thailand Pai Thailand cottageThe cute cottage we stayed in

Pai ThailandView from our front door

jackfruit tree


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