764. Canary Islands Part 4 | Arucas and Teror

Arucas Gran Canaria

Earlier this week, we visited two nearby towns called Arucas and Teror. They were both really small and cozy, and quite devoid of people. We first went to Arucas and had lunch. I had a paella (my first since arriving in Spain).

paella Arucas church Arucas Las Palmas Arucas Canary Islands trees Canary Islands plants Teror Gran Canaria

After Arucas, we visited Teror which many consider as the most beautiful town on this island. It's also the oldest town here. I really liked the architecture and mountain views there. Many of the houses have wooden balconies.

Teror Gran Canaria Teror Gran Canaria Teror Gran Canaria Teror Tree Gran Canaria Triana
On the way back, we stopped at the Triana neighbourhood for a small dinner.

Triana Gran Canaria Gran Canaria building Triana neighbourhood tapas Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach


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